Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Craves: Coffee Shop Planner

The main culprit for my weight gain are coffee shop planners last year. I had this plan on getting all the planners from all the 3 coffee shops and did not notice until too late that the venti caramel macchiato wasn't doing me any favors.

Nevertheless, looking back on 2015 and the one planner I did end up using, it was a really good idea to get one. I was able to plan my leaves and write down some of the important things that I always keep on forgetting. 

So then I will get another one this year. One thing I've learned is to keep the Christmas drinks at tall and lite and the others to full-leaf teas only. It's both cheaper and less likely to keep me from extra large sizes.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Share: Toshi Phone Case

I don't like cellphone cases because I don't buy the most popular units so the cases available aren't the cutest and with accesories, looks over funtion win for me so why bother, right?

Unfortunately, with a three-year old who picks up the phone every chance he gets, I ended up giving up on the no-case thing and started a hunt a weekend ago. Thankfully, Toshi is available.with their universal cases and they have a lot of cute designs so I picked one that makes me yearn for Disneyland.

It fits anything in the range it's meant for but with my slim phone (Xperia C3), the case feels like it was meant for a bulkier phone. My one peeve is that I can't take pictures from the back like I used to be able to. On a last note, it's pretty so I got what I wanted, and that's what matters to me.

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