Sunday, May 27, 2012

Love: Saya Baby Carrier

The above picture doesn't present me at my best but I'm still posting it as it's the only one I have of me using the Saya Baby Carrier. This was on a recent bus trip that took ever so long where I carried the little one on the said carrier.

I've mentioned this carrier before. I've been wanting it so much even before my little one was born but I was waffling because though it was readily available online, it was not that easy to find at the usual malls and since it was size-based and I'm really bad at choosing clothe sizes, I wasn't sure on which one to order. Thankfully, when I went to Shangri-La Plaza last month, I saw it at the Momtrepreneur stall.

After a lot of hemming and hawing from the hub, he was eventually convinced that having 3 kinds of carriers is not a bad thing. We got it just before the 10-hour bus trip. It was a real lifesaver.

First off, I think it would have been easier to get the carrier when the little one was a newborn. It wasn't that hard for me to use it in the usual carrier position, chest-to-chest, but it took some getting used to for baby to settle down because he wasn't very used to it. Once settled in, he got comfortable and slept quite well.

For myself, the carrier, it was a very comfortable experience. With the usual carriers, my shoulders would hurt after just half an hour as the little one isn't so little anymore and tends to move a lot. As long as I make sure to spread the cloth over the shoulder and back, it didn't hurt to wear baby with the Saya. I like the carrier so much and find it a great convenience that I'm not at all afraid of going out with just me and baby.

There should always be caution in using all baby carriers. It's a little person in front of you and like it or not, he will want to move on his own. No matter how well I position the baby, he would lean back and side to side and every now and then, I check if he's in the correct position not to fall off. That it covers his knees and as much of his back as possible. Thankfully, the cloth stretches and adjusts quite easily.

I noticed that whenever baby is in the carrier, his pee tends to pool at the front of his cloth diaper so even if the back area is dry, it's better to ensure that the front is dry as well or both of you will smell like pee.

I used it as a nursing cover as well, and it worked well enough for the front-buttoned shirts. If the little one is small enough, you don't have to get him out of the carrier to nurse him. That is not the case for us so I couldn't try it for myself. For the other positions, they included a pamphlet with the package that includes a small bag to carry the Saya in when not in use.

In the below photo, I'm wearing the Saya with baby out and it's not obvious at all.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Love: Sophie's Mom Nutella Mochi

My pictures do not do these goodies from Sophie's Mom justice. The package suffered some from being handled inside a plastic bag in a crowded commute home from a trip from the mall.


Truth is, it's so hard for me to share this. I just want to scarf the whole box down. So good with yummy soft mochi surrounding an even yummier creamy nutella center. My MIL says it tastes like marshmallows. But it's more. So much more. Crack maybe. Oh yum!

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