Sunday, January 13, 2013

Looked Up: Samsung WB100 and WB150F Smart Cameras

Our camera has given up the soul less than a year after we bought it. Yes, we still have the warranty but the tech people from Sony would like to charge us roughly 80% of the camera price for having put it underwater or some such. No such thing happened so I'm going to give up on that brand and move on.
Samsung has some amazing deals at their mid-range cameras. These aren't the average point-and-shoot and at the price point they are currently being offered, I've started bugging hubby over it and have convinced him to come over to the dark side of spending. Also, we really need a good camera for taking pictures of our cute little baby. It's been a while.

I would love to get the WB100 though it's big and not too handy because the zoom is amazing at 28x. If I have that much zoom power, I can spy on the neighbors across the street and more. Not that I have any plans of doing so but you get the gist, right? I also like the Eneloop charger with 4 batteries included. The price for these are steep already and they come free with the camera. I've been wanting a good charger for a while.
The other lovely choice is the 150F. It's more portable and has WIFI. Hubby likes it better because it's got a li-ion as compared to the usual AA batteries of the other model. I'm willing as they've got white as a color option, and there's a thousand pesos off when we fork over cash, which we always do anyway. Also, I have no plans of spying on our neighbor and as long as the photos come out pretty in most light conditions, I'm game.
 Promos are with Picture City. Pictures are from the product website.
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