Saturday, June 29, 2013

Review: Marionnaud Retractable Brush

I wanted an all-around brush for the make-up kit I tote around because I didn’t want to bring my whole brush set nor did I want to plunk in a single brush in the bag with no protection whatsoever. A retractable brush seems like the best idea so far. I went with Marionnaud as a starter.

So far, there have been ups and downs. It turned out to be a stiffer brush than I thought it would be. The hairs are just so darned thick. I didn’t like swirling it over my face because of the rough feeling nor did I like how it picked up powder as it pokes way too much product out.

On another side, it’s a great blending brush. If I let it out a half-inch, it’s great for blending liquid foundation in. I put the foundation on the back of my hand, dab the brush and apply it over my face in very light feathery strokes. A quarter-inch and it’s great for concealer blending.

This brush has made it so much easier to fake the semi-perfect complexion, being so flexible in its uses. If only it didn’t feel so rough, then I’d be a happy monkey. Maybe I should plunk money for their premium line instead.

Sorry over the white cast as the brush was used before I took pictures.

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