Saturday, June 29, 2013

Crave: Kenzo Flower Tag

I have always wanted to buy the Kenzo Flower because of the beautiful bottle but I just didn't feel that the scent actually suits me. They have released quite e a few versions over the years but they have not stirred me until now.

When I tried the scent of the Kenzo Flower Tag earlier, I wasn't expecting much but I actually quite liked it. They sprayed it over a piece of paper and I put it inside my pocket. As I tend to put my hands inside my pocket every now and then, the scent has transferred a bit and I'm pleasantly surprised to say that I'm liking it even more. It has grown on me and I'm also liking that the there is still a faint scent left even after more than a few hours already.

The scent is a bit floral with a hint of tea. It's a lot more Oriental than the original and I want it.

Picture from the product website.

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