Saturday, December 15, 2012

Share: Nutella on Palitaw

Not the best shot, I know, but heavenly nontheless. Nutella is well-loved while the humble palitaw has been a hit or miss, personally. Combined, these two are second only to the Nutella mochi by Sophie's Mom.

What is palitaw? It is glutinous rice flour mixed with water and formed into little flat cakes. Water is heated and once boiling, the little cakes are carefully dropped into the water. Once they float, they are done and ready for some nutella spread. This will change my new year.

Wish List: Hair

I definitely need to take better care of my hair as it’s not the wash and wear kind. It’s my fault for not taking care of it for the last few years. It’s got style damage and root damage.

I’m hoping to stock up on hair masks. I like Neutrogena because it’s cheaper and bigger while I like the L’oreal lines because they are sulfate and silicone-free.

I'm looking for moisturizing, smoothing and damage-repair. So I'm willing to try a bunch out to check which ones will work.
I was born with curls but I’ve never embraced it before so I’d like to try Tigi Curls Rock to try to get bounce and style into the curls. This line is ridiculously overpriced in the Philippines, by the way.

Bed Head from Tigi has always been something I’ve wanted to try but even when it became a price point I could afford, it grates that it’s got such a big overhead. Nevertheless, it’s a salon favourite that promises to last a long time and I've always been easily swayed by hype.

Small Talk isn’t for me. I’d like to give it to hubby as a gift. I’m loving the packaging though. But then, Tigi has always had the funky-cool packaging down.

Lastly, I’m considering buying a heat-styling guard as my current one leaves me quite frustrated. I used to be able to blowdry my hair into something that resembles styled hair but my old product got discontinued and the latest one I've tried has left it into a greasy frizzy mess that I'd rather leave it alone by its non-greasy still-frizzy self.
I'm pinning my hopes on Chi. They've got great hair irons so they would have some of the best thermal protection right? Whatever else, the reviews for these products are great.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wish List: LeapFrog

I wanted to get this list out before Christmas comes. I’ve got loads of lists from different products but this particular one isn’t for me as I love the LeapFrog toys for baby. It’s overpriced in the Philippines but it’s one of the best, in my opinion.

First off, I’m hoping my child would be able to read as soon as possible because the joys of reading are infinite and the Tag Junior would help start him off as it reads the books to the little one. We can start with letters and move on from there. Storytime is going to be so much fun with this. It’s cute too.

My Pal Scout is another cutie. It’s not just a cuddly toy but it also says the child’s name, favourites and plays your choice of music, including the spelling of baby’s name. I’m hoping my son learns a lot from Scout.

My baby loves music, and he loves pushing buttons. These are perfect. It might even save our phones, remote controls and camera from being thrown all the time.

Baby loves laptops too. Out of all the other laptops I’ve tried, the My Own Leaptop has the best possibilities. It’s not that it’s got the best and most games but the fact that it’s perfect for the age group it’s being marketed to.

I like piano portion as well as the alphabets in the Touch Magic School Bus. It’s touch screen so it's easy to clean. So many fun things in this baby for baby.
There are lots more from LeapFrog I want but these are the ones that are appropriate for little baby’s age group. Once he gets older, there are many more possibilities. I don’t want to rush it. I enjoy watching him grow and learn.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Share: Inside My Bag

I was hoping to get a satchel bag but things didn't fall through. Long boring story so I'll share my new bag and its contents instead.

To start off, this is my new Secosana bag. it was on sale. It’s roomy and not so wide. It’s the kind of bag that I can chuck everything inside without feeling too overfull. Not too structured but not that saggy either. I like using the shoulder strap instead of carrying it by the shorter handles. Hearts and pink ribbon and yet not too loud. It's so girly it embarrasses my hubby to carry it but he still does and that's love.

The contents are the kikay kit (cosmetics and other girly stuff), sunglasses case, spoon and fork container, techie and ballpen kit, iPod touch, company ID, journal half with black pages, cellphone, wallet and coinpurse. I like using the mesh containers for the small stuff so I can put similar items in a container and see what's inside without needing to spill them. I think I'll get another one for some of the other stuff.

I've had my sunglasses for a while now. They're wide and they're girly and dark but not black. I use the shiny flowers at the side as a small mirror sometimes. It's a definite essential when I'm on night shift.

My kikay kit contains two lipsticks, two lipglosses, a mascara, a BB balm, neutral eyeshadow, two lip balms, an eyeshadow primer, baby wipes, a comb, a mini hairbrush, eye gel, pencil sharpener, brow brush, lotion, toothbrush, dental floss and toothpaste. I'm missing the toothbrush holder as my little one played with it earlier before the shot. I'm hoping to include face powder and a retractable brush but I'm still looking for the perfect ones as I want them to be small but serviceable.

My tech kit contains the plug for the usb connectors, the iPod connector, the phone connector, my ballpens (3 metallic gels and black), a girly essential in the wrong bag, pink earphone buds and my earphone case. I sometimes throw in my cellphone and iPod inside this kit.

Should I talk about these more?

Share: Bangus Egg Casserole

The picture reminds me somewhat of balut. But it's not and it's something I'd just like to share as it's one of the easiest things to prepare for me, while being quite delicious at the same time. It's got my hubby's approval and that guy can be hard to please.

I start with canned milkfish in oil (Century). I separate the fish from the sauce in the can and toast it a bit over a spoonful of margarine. I flip it to the other side after it has browned a bit. Once sufficiently brown on both sides, I add in two eggs, put the cover on and wait for the yolks to turn yellow. I toss in the sauce, turn the heat off and cover it once again and it's perfect

It's so easy and I can prepare it in less than 5 minutes with the fire on low on a 10-inch nonstick saucepan. Spanish style is also good and it adds some spice. Sometimes, when the milkfish are leftovers, I flake it by grinding it into the pan and toss it around until it's a light brown. And other times, I add a bit of grated quick-melt cheese on top before I toss in the sauce. I don't always wait for the egg yolks to turn yellow before I add in the sauce but I wait just a bit more before I lift the cover when I do that.

I hope that those who try this enjoy it as much as we d.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Love: Outland black round toe flats

I wasn't able to get the particular style name for these Outland flats I picked up from Olympic Village earlier last week but these are my current favorites. I've been wanting a pair of black round toe ballet flats for a while now and the metal-tipped ribbon, the hole details and the soft dark silver insoles make these pair a winner in my book.

As with most shoes, the first days are the most uncomfortable for one reason or another. For this pair, the chafing at the back of the heels was irritating. Thankfully the chafing period has passed. I love that the size 35 is a good fit for my wide feet.

This was initially paired with a dress but was also easily paired with pants. With the color and design, it's a good all-around pair of shoes. I'd love to get the brown and the dark navy as well but these will do me for now.

Love officially.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Love: VMV Hypoallergenics Lipstick in Babe and Lipgloss in Explicit

As previously mentioned, I wanted to try out VMV's lipstick and lipgloss bundle due to their 50% off sale on the Landmark counters and specialty boutiques for October. After a bit of hemming and hawing, I got myself a pair and loving them a whole lot.

Packaging of these two cuties sure are a joy. Not a whole lot of guilt for the recycled glue-free boxes with soy-based ink. I came out of the store with a small paper bag with similar ink and paper note, though this one most probably has been glued. Below are the opened boxes with the cuteness.

I got the pink matte lipstick in "Babe". It's a hot pink matte but not so pigmented as to be too pink for me. What I love about these is that it does not dry me out at all. Wear time is so-so but I say that about long-wear lipstick and lipgloss as well so my opinion on that one does not carry a lot of dice. It's housed inside my favorite kind of tube, the one where you can look at the flat part of the removable top and use it as a mirror when putting some pink on. So cool, literally, as it is a metal tube. A little bigger in diameter than I'm used to but not by much. The lipstick inside the tube does not have any give so I'm guessing it won't suddenly tip off when applying. I hate it when that happens.

I got an orangey gloss in "Explicit". Again, not a lot of wear time on me. I love that it is not sticky at all. Pigmentation is as can be expected with a gloss. There was actually a lot of pigments when I swatched it on the back of my hand, but it came off as a natural gloss on my lips. I hoped for a darker shade but silly me for getting a second opinion instead of sticking to my first choice. But for the non-stickiness, love. Very classy packaging. There was an expiration date on the box about 3 months from now and I asked the counter lady about it and she said there was an additional 6 months after the date on the package. Iffy though.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Looked Up: Casa de Lorenzo

I'm so easy. I can get hooked straight with words such as made in the Philippines, Pure Castile Soap, olive oil, virgin coconut oil, no additives or enhancers. They are music to my ears when it comes to products. I wonder how I can get this past hubby when we've stocked up more than a dozen of the last batch we bought. Probably not a whole lot of passing past him over this but I'll think of a way. Maybe not this month but there's always a someday.

Meanwhile, happy dance and thank you to the commenter who told me about Casa de Lorenzo. I'm looking forward to some spending and experimenting from this. Free delivery is also yay...

Pictures from the product website.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review: Anthology Piccadilly Blue

I so wish my feet aren’t as sensitive as they are as this pair of dotted banana flats from Anthology are too adorable not to be worn but they are and I don't think I'll wear them as often as I wish I could. Or maybe after a month, my feet will get used to them and I'd be able to do so. A girl can hope.

I already loved these before I even bought them when they came out a few months ago. The mismatched pair of dotted bow-tied shoes totally captures my whimsy. When they were delivered the other day, the rubber soles and the soft, soft inner soles just made my day. They seemed so perfect, really.

But when I spent the day in them, It was too much for me. The elastic around the edges of the shoes pulled slowly but surely, getting tighter and tighter. It fit so perfectly at first but by the end of the day, I was giving up the fight. I’m just not the type to give up comfort over vanity.

Maybe I can alleviate the hurting until I get used to them by buying something to put in between but I'm not sure how that will work out. I just want to wear these as much as possible. They look too pretty to be left at home.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Looked Up: Zuru Robo Fish

I’m loving the concept of the Robo Fish. We have a little blue fighting fish at home that has survived quite a long time in spite of living in a space much smaller than a fish bowl. My mother got it for the little babe to play with but he really can’t do anything more than stare at it as fish and baby don’t really match.

With the Robo Fish, all those worries over the fish can go out the window. He can poke it, play with it, even in the tub when he takes a bath because it’s going to wiggle its little robotic heart’s out as long as there is water. Battery life is a little harsh for these little things. It supposedly lasts only 2 hours. We’ll see.

I’d like to disclaim that we have no plans of baby playing with the thing unsupervised. He really is never unsupervised. This thing has parts that can be swallowed and stuff like that are never a good thing.

Video from youtube.

Haul: Human Nature

At our last grocery stop, I’ve decided to try some more Human Nature products. I got the Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in Lush Vanilla, a toner and a feminine wash. There were some other stuff I wanted to try from them but I was sneaking them past my hubby into the cart so I didn’t bother getting a ton. Also, it’s available online so I could order there.

I’ve been using their shampoo for a while and I didn’t bother to get a bigger bottle because the small ones suit me just fine. When shampooing normally, you only need to wash the scalp area really, because that’s where the oil and dirt gets trapped and the ends are too dry to strip of their remaining oils. I can’t smell right now because of a cold so I have to trust in hubby’s olfactory nerves that the Lush Vanilla smells delicious.

The conditioner, I decided on getting in the big bottle because I have no compunction in slicking it in and all over the strands. I like that the dispenser isn’t one of those things you have to screw up and then end up making a ton of mess because you have to push it all the way down after and getting way more than you wanted to in the first place. But on the con, you’re gonna have to pump a whole lot to get the amount you want.

I don’t ask for much from my shampoo other than not having any SLS. As for conditioner, I used to subscribe to the thought that silicones are key but with most of my hair not having gone through a lot of processing lately, I’ve realized that nourishing it to make it softer is better than coating it with something slippery to make it smoother. The long-term benefit is always more important than the short-term one.

As for the toner, I got the one for sensitive and normal skin. I used to use products for oily and combination skin but as I use plant oils as moisturizer instead of lotions nowadays, the sebum on my face has normalized and do not overproduce anymore so I can get away with the mid-range products these days. However, even without being oily, I still get my break-outs and I’ve decided to try toners to prevent them.

I wanted to try a different product but I figured I’d try this one first so as to know if I might be too sensitive. So far, I’ve felt a little sting but I can’t judge it as of yet because I’ve only used it for today. I’ll write a proper review once I finish off the bottle.

For the feminine wash, I don't have much to say other than that it’s very cooling. The bottle is very small but one is instructed to use a pea-sized amount that will probably last a while. I’m satisfied so far.

Human Nature is really surprising and I can’t help but feel a little stupid for not having tried them earlier. The prices may be a little higher than my old brands and they may not seem like much at first but continued use makes me a believer.

Sorry for the crappy  backgrounds.
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