Friday, October 26, 2012

Love: VMV Hypoallergenics Lipstick in Babe and Lipgloss in Explicit

As previously mentioned, I wanted to try out VMV's lipstick and lipgloss bundle due to their 50% off sale on the Landmark counters and specialty boutiques for October. After a bit of hemming and hawing, I got myself a pair and loving them a whole lot.

Packaging of these two cuties sure are a joy. Not a whole lot of guilt for the recycled glue-free boxes with soy-based ink. I came out of the store with a small paper bag with similar ink and paper note, though this one most probably has been glued. Below are the opened boxes with the cuteness.

I got the pink matte lipstick in "Babe". It's a hot pink matte but not so pigmented as to be too pink for me. What I love about these is that it does not dry me out at all. Wear time is so-so but I say that about long-wear lipstick and lipgloss as well so my opinion on that one does not carry a lot of dice. It's housed inside my favorite kind of tube, the one where you can look at the flat part of the removable top and use it as a mirror when putting some pink on. So cool, literally, as it is a metal tube. A little bigger in diameter than I'm used to but not by much. The lipstick inside the tube does not have any give so I'm guessing it won't suddenly tip off when applying. I hate it when that happens.

I got an orangey gloss in "Explicit". Again, not a lot of wear time on me. I love that it is not sticky at all. Pigmentation is as can be expected with a gloss. There was actually a lot of pigments when I swatched it on the back of my hand, but it came off as a natural gloss on my lips. I hoped for a darker shade but silly me for getting a second opinion instead of sticking to my first choice. But for the non-stickiness, love. Very classy packaging. There was an expiration date on the box about 3 months from now and I asked the counter lady about it and she said there was an additional 6 months after the date on the package. Iffy though.


  1. Just a question, upon opening the lipgloss box, is there some sort of seal or plastic on it to ensure it has not been used before?

    1. Yup! The box has a sticker seal. Its very hard to open it without tearing through it.


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