Monday, November 26, 2012

Love: Outland black round toe flats

I wasn't able to get the particular style name for these Outland flats I picked up from Olympic Village earlier last week but these are my current favorites. I've been wanting a pair of black round toe ballet flats for a while now and the metal-tipped ribbon, the hole details and the soft dark silver insoles make these pair a winner in my book.

As with most shoes, the first days are the most uncomfortable for one reason or another. For this pair, the chafing at the back of the heels was irritating. Thankfully the chafing period has passed. I love that the size 35 is a good fit for my wide feet.

This was initially paired with a dress but was also easily paired with pants. With the color and design, it's a good all-around pair of shoes. I'd love to get the brown and the dark navy as well but these will do me for now.

Love officially.

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