Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love: Bulgari Marine Aqua Pour Homme

When I went to Singapore about 3 years ago, I got samples of this particular perfume at the airport duty free and fell in love. Unfortunately, it's for guys so I gave the samples to my brother for him to use on special occasions.
My boy's birthday is coming up on the 27th. I ordered one from the girls at work who sell at less than half the price and got him a new bottle. Isn't it pretty, even without putting it underwater? And it smells so pretty too! I wrapped it in tissue paper, put it inside a plastic bag and left it lying on the table. It was so fun telling him that it's his birthday present but he's not allowed to unwrap. He finally bugged me enough that I happily gave in last night.

It smells really good for male perfume. I generally dislike men's perfume as they smell so musky but this one just smells clean and though it's marine-based, it's strong enough to last all day without being too watery, if that description makes any sense.
I love it, really and he says he's happy with it too.

While rushing into the office a month after his birthday, the boy dropped it to the floor crashing the bottle into smitherins, with smoke coming out. No genie though.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's the start

I am six months pregnant and currently obsessed with the following:
-Finding a good mineral make-up powder foundation. The current one I'm using is great but apparently is mostly talc (the first ingredient listed) so it doesn't truly count as mineral make-up. Fake fake fake!!! I'm not saying it doesn't work fine. I love it, actually, but with baby on the way, I need make-up that would be ok to touch his face and not just mine.
-Buying a pretty new camera. It's so weird that I've been working for quite a while now but have never bought a new one, considering my tendency to take pics of random stuff. I keep using my cell cam. I'm considering buying a phone with better cam specs but then I keep reading up bad stuff about the phone. I'm waiting for a sign. I do know it's either a new phone or cam before the baby comes to capture all the cute moments.
-Wearing really high heels again. With the back pains I'm having right now, it's a given that I won't be able to wear heels for another 3 months but I've got my list of shoes that I'll be buying once able to wear them again. Tsk! Hope that I don't go up a shoe size till then.
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