Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review: Audio Technica Dip Earphones

My last pair died once again because of the darned rats. I checked out the mall and saw these chocolate-colored ones on sale. There are other candy colors but I figured brown is a good choice in case I give it over to hubby.

This pair is definitely worth the money I paid for it. The sound balance is great as ever, I can hear a good rhythm even with the sounds played quite low. I also like that my ears don't hurt a whole lot even if I play songs too long. I really love Audio Technica quality.

The package includes the instruction manual, a winder and 3 other sizes of the rubber thingies. I really like the winder as I can wind the wires and pin it on top of my shirt. It really helps whenever I pull out the phones from my ears and it doesn't wind down on the floor.

I also like the extra rubber thing. It's good to have a winder range of choices for a comfortable fit.

No regrets over the purchase. A great buy.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Stila Smudge Crayon Set

I passed by the Stila Counter in Rustan's one day looking for a dark and a light liner as they have one of the better liners around, according to a lot of reviews. I came across their Smudge Crayon Set, which promises to be an eye primer, shadow and liner in one product.

Trying to be a smart buyer, I swatched it on the back of my hand before anything else. I liked how it swatched with nary a tug and with great pigmentation. The colors were delightfully neutral and complements one another. I didn't erase the swatch and went on my way right after.

I checked it later that day and noticed very little fading in spite of my having washed my hands right after. The pigmentation stayed true for all of the colors. Considering the price, which wasn't overly inflated compared to US prices, this was a really great buy.

This is really good make-up for newbies or people like me who has gotten a little lazy and forgotten how to apply make-up. You line it over the eyes, smudge the edge if desired, and it sets for quite some time. Once set, though, it's a good idea not to overly fret and line some more, because then the product gets a bit too thick and I got some fallout after a while. Doesn't it just suck when dark shadow fall down to the undereye area?

I haven't been able to try it as a primer as I'm a bit too lazy for that. As shadow, the umber shade, the reddish brown one pops and the smoke shade, the shiny grey one is a great highlighter. Great stuff, this set. Another good thing is that it's retractable. They're minis of the full size product but I personally love the size as it's like lipstick that I can slide into my pocket if I need a quick line or shadow.

As mentioned, they've got a full-size available and the full size includes a sharpener but  I prefer the soft edges so I'm fine with this set for the colors I already have. It's a great starter kit and I've got no regrets over the purchase at all.
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