Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review: Audio Technica Dip Earphones

My last pair died once again because of the darned rats. I checked out the mall and saw these chocolate-colored ones on sale. There are other candy colors but I figured brown is a good choice in case I give it over to hubby.

This pair is definitely worth the money I paid for it. The sound balance is great as ever, I can hear a good rhythm even with the sounds played quite low. I also like that my ears don't hurt a whole lot even if I play songs too long. I really love Audio Technica quality.

The package includes the instruction manual, a winder and 3 other sizes of the rubber thingies. I really like the winder as I can wind the wires and pin it on top of my shirt. It really helps whenever I pull out the phones from my ears and it doesn't wind down on the floor.

I also like the extra rubber thing. It's good to have a winder range of choices for a comfortable fit.

No regrets over the purchase. A great buy.

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