Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Safety 1st Baby Carrier and Next9 Ring Sling

This post is for my sister.

We have two baby carriers at home. One is the Safety 1st Baby Carrier, which my husband likes a lot. Please note that there has been a lot of worries about the positioning of baby with this type of carrier and it gives me constant worries over his legs, his spine and his body temperature but I’m happy to say that through all those worries, our baby has been developing quite well.

We’ve used the carrier since our baby’s first doctor’s appointment when we realized just how unwieldy a stroller would be for such a small baby and have never been out of the house with baby without it. We’re probably going to be retiring the carrier in a bit because he’s almost 8 kilos and the limit for the carrier is 9 kilos. My shoulders have actually started aching with the carrier after only an hour and wholly believe it is almost the right time for us not to use it.

In using the carrier, we’ve never forced baby into it whenever he gives any signal of discomfort. Whenever we’re seated and not moving about, we’ve opened up the top part to ensure he isn’t heated up too much as the material is a little thick and quite padded. Thankfully enough, it is quite easy to open and close, with snaps and a zipper by one leg enclosure to ensure he gets out. It’s not the type of carrier that you can get baby out of without waking him up, though.

I’ve tried breastfeeding baby in it and it is possible to do so. A little adjustment is needed to do so to ensure the position but it’s very much possible.

In essence, the carrier has helped us a lot over the past months but given the chance to buy another one, it wouldn’t be my first choice. With the weight limit of 9 kilos, we’re looking at something we’re using for 6 months only, though the age limit is 9 months. Also, I’m not keen on the hip dysplasia thing. One thing I’m thankful for is that my husband has been willing to carry baby in it as it’s black and not girly.

Our other carrier is a Ring Sling from Next9. We got it about a week after getting the other one as my baby went into a growth spurt and we needed something to ensure that my mother doesn’t get too uncomfortable holding baby. My mother and I love this carrier because of its versatility. You can use it from birth till baby is already 3 years old. Good luck to our backs by then but we use it around the house whenever baby wants to be held all the time and it gets too uncomfortable for our arms. I tried to use it out but hubby became too uncomfortable as our baby squirms a lot so I deferred.

It takes a while to get used to this carrier and constant practice is needed if it’s going to be used a lot. Needless to say, hubby never took to it though. Maybe someday.

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