Saturday, February 4, 2012

Looked Up: Chicify Sale

I mentioned in an earlier post that Chicify is on sale, There are loads of stuff I'd like to buy because the pickings are good. What can I say, I like a good bargain.  I'm hoping a certain someone close reads this post and buy me a certain present he has yet to give me
Cuddlefish Bouyancy Suit, P1,750
Technically, this isn't for me. This is for my cute little angel who looks really good in blue.

Cole Vintage Alessia, P1,039.20
I'm always into something I can easily nurse in and this looks like it fits that. This totally would go with a post-pregnancy figure like mine.
Details A Line Cardigan, P690
I like cardigans a whole lot these days because blazers are just way too hot to wear and I like wearing shirts and cardigans make shirts more formal than they actually are without being too stuffy.
Hebe Manila Ibiza Pumps, P999
I just love how nude shoes feel right on any outfit I wear. They're also good for making me feel clean and light.

Love Handles Forest Trees Clutch, P232
I need a new wallet. Mine just gave up. That's that.
French Pochette Momme Planner, P799
It's not so much that I'm a planner person but I am a person who likes to write a lot. I know, it's already February but it's not like half the year has already passed by. Also, it's adorable and has space for cards and money. No need for a wallet, really.
Subculture Cut-Out Shorts with Belt, P696
I'm thinking of stocking up on shorts. I only have one pair to go out with and that's embarrassing. The flower details on these are darling and the color is poppy without being too flashy. My type of pair.

Subculture Pleated Shorts with Belt, P792
Yes, stocking up. The pleats would go well with both casual and semi.

Pictures from the Chicify website.

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