Friday, October 26, 2012

Love: VMV Hypoallergenics Lipstick in Babe and Lipgloss in Explicit

As previously mentioned, I wanted to try out VMV's lipstick and lipgloss bundle due to their 50% off sale on the Landmark counters and specialty boutiques for October. After a bit of hemming and hawing, I got myself a pair and loving them a whole lot.

Packaging of these two cuties sure are a joy. Not a whole lot of guilt for the recycled glue-free boxes with soy-based ink. I came out of the store with a small paper bag with similar ink and paper note, though this one most probably has been glued. Below are the opened boxes with the cuteness.

I got the pink matte lipstick in "Babe". It's a hot pink matte but not so pigmented as to be too pink for me. What I love about these is that it does not dry me out at all. Wear time is so-so but I say that about long-wear lipstick and lipgloss as well so my opinion on that one does not carry a lot of dice. It's housed inside my favorite kind of tube, the one where you can look at the flat part of the removable top and use it as a mirror when putting some pink on. So cool, literally, as it is a metal tube. A little bigger in diameter than I'm used to but not by much. The lipstick inside the tube does not have any give so I'm guessing it won't suddenly tip off when applying. I hate it when that happens.

I got an orangey gloss in "Explicit". Again, not a lot of wear time on me. I love that it is not sticky at all. Pigmentation is as can be expected with a gloss. There was actually a lot of pigments when I swatched it on the back of my hand, but it came off as a natural gloss on my lips. I hoped for a darker shade but silly me for getting a second opinion instead of sticking to my first choice. But for the non-stickiness, love. Very classy packaging. There was an expiration date on the box about 3 months from now and I asked the counter lady about it and she said there was an additional 6 months after the date on the package. Iffy though.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Looked Up: Casa de Lorenzo

I'm so easy. I can get hooked straight with words such as made in the Philippines, Pure Castile Soap, olive oil, virgin coconut oil, no additives or enhancers. They are music to my ears when it comes to products. I wonder how I can get this past hubby when we've stocked up more than a dozen of the last batch we bought. Probably not a whole lot of passing past him over this but I'll think of a way. Maybe not this month but there's always a someday.

Meanwhile, happy dance and thank you to the commenter who told me about Casa de Lorenzo. I'm looking forward to some spending and experimenting from this. Free delivery is also yay...

Pictures from the product website.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review: Anthology Piccadilly Blue

I so wish my feet aren’t as sensitive as they are as this pair of dotted banana flats from Anthology are too adorable not to be worn but they are and I don't think I'll wear them as often as I wish I could. Or maybe after a month, my feet will get used to them and I'd be able to do so. A girl can hope.

I already loved these before I even bought them when they came out a few months ago. The mismatched pair of dotted bow-tied shoes totally captures my whimsy. When they were delivered the other day, the rubber soles and the soft, soft inner soles just made my day. They seemed so perfect, really.

But when I spent the day in them, It was too much for me. The elastic around the edges of the shoes pulled slowly but surely, getting tighter and tighter. It fit so perfectly at first but by the end of the day, I was giving up the fight. I’m just not the type to give up comfort over vanity.

Maybe I can alleviate the hurting until I get used to them by buying something to put in between but I'm not sure how that will work out. I just want to wear these as much as possible. They look too pretty to be left at home.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Looked Up: Zuru Robo Fish

I’m loving the concept of the Robo Fish. We have a little blue fighting fish at home that has survived quite a long time in spite of living in a space much smaller than a fish bowl. My mother got it for the little babe to play with but he really can’t do anything more than stare at it as fish and baby don’t really match.

With the Robo Fish, all those worries over the fish can go out the window. He can poke it, play with it, even in the tub when he takes a bath because it’s going to wiggle its little robotic heart’s out as long as there is water. Battery life is a little harsh for these little things. It supposedly lasts only 2 hours. We’ll see.

I’d like to disclaim that we have no plans of baby playing with the thing unsupervised. He really is never unsupervised. This thing has parts that can be swallowed and stuff like that are never a good thing.

Video from youtube.

Haul: Human Nature

At our last grocery stop, I’ve decided to try some more Human Nature products. I got the Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in Lush Vanilla, a toner and a feminine wash. There were some other stuff I wanted to try from them but I was sneaking them past my hubby into the cart so I didn’t bother getting a ton. Also, it’s available online so I could order there.

I’ve been using their shampoo for a while and I didn’t bother to get a bigger bottle because the small ones suit me just fine. When shampooing normally, you only need to wash the scalp area really, because that’s where the oil and dirt gets trapped and the ends are too dry to strip of their remaining oils. I can’t smell right now because of a cold so I have to trust in hubby’s olfactory nerves that the Lush Vanilla smells delicious.

The conditioner, I decided on getting in the big bottle because I have no compunction in slicking it in and all over the strands. I like that the dispenser isn’t one of those things you have to screw up and then end up making a ton of mess because you have to push it all the way down after and getting way more than you wanted to in the first place. But on the con, you’re gonna have to pump a whole lot to get the amount you want.

I don’t ask for much from my shampoo other than not having any SLS. As for conditioner, I used to subscribe to the thought that silicones are key but with most of my hair not having gone through a lot of processing lately, I’ve realized that nourishing it to make it softer is better than coating it with something slippery to make it smoother. The long-term benefit is always more important than the short-term one.

As for the toner, I got the one for sensitive and normal skin. I used to use products for oily and combination skin but as I use plant oils as moisturizer instead of lotions nowadays, the sebum on my face has normalized and do not overproduce anymore so I can get away with the mid-range products these days. However, even without being oily, I still get my break-outs and I’ve decided to try toners to prevent them.

I wanted to try a different product but I figured I’d try this one first so as to know if I might be too sensitive. So far, I’ve felt a little sting but I can’t judge it as of yet because I’ve only used it for today. I’ll write a proper review once I finish off the bottle.

For the feminine wash, I don't have much to say other than that it’s very cooling. The bottle is very small but one is instructed to use a pea-sized amount that will probably last a while. I’m satisfied so far.

Human Nature is really surprising and I can’t help but feel a little stupid for not having tried them earlier. The prices may be a little higher than my old brands and they may not seem like much at first but continued use makes me a believer.

Sorry for the crappy  backgrounds.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Looked Up: VMV Hypoallergenics Make-Up sale

The lipstick and the gloss is on sale if you buy one of each at their specialty boutiques and at the Landmark.

I have never regretted buying their products and their 50% off sales are the best. Also, I still don't have the perfect lipstick shade and I'm going to search high and low to get the absolute most perfect one ever.

The eyeshadow, powder and blush are on sale too, at 40% off. The packaging is great, I can't deny and the hypoallergenic numbers are so good but should I get one of each?

The ingredients are the tops (from the product website) :
Green tea and rice phytic acid for antioxidant benefits.

Virgin coconut oil for intensive moisturization.
Monolaurin for skin-safe disinfection.
Titanium dioxide + iron oxide pigments for added sun protection.

But should I get them now or should I wait a little more for their Christmas packages? I know those ones will be great too. I have till the end of the month to decide.

Pictures from the product website.

Craves: Ipod Touch 5th Generation

The stars have aligned. The 5th generation iPod Touch has been released.

Okay, personal story... When the iPhone was first released so so many years ago, I casually mentioned to a friend that it's not the best of ideas to purchase the first generation offering of Apple's releases. Fifth generation is the most likely best release to purchase without feeling too bad over the next one. 

Take the iPod classic as an example, they will most likely release a newer, cheaper and better version within a year or so and the initial purchase will be no more than a memory of your money. Also, at that point in time, I would never in my adreams contemplate releasing that much money over a phone. I still wouldn't even if it's being offered as a free phone on a postpaid plan.

When the iPod Touch was released after the iPhone, I was salivating like crazy. I don't want a new phone as phones tend to upgrade every quarter of the year but an iPhone that does not call and text and at a definite fraction of the cost just seemed such a great idea at that time. I got one but then with the newer releases, the first generation was looking older and older (and unupdated) as years passed.

With Siri being released on the iPhone 4S, the thought of getting an iPhone now did not seem like such a bad one. Call me lazy but I'd love to tell my phone, "Wake me up at 5," and roll over to sleep after the confirmation. LAZY...

I almost got my hands on the 4th generation release of the iPod Touch but the camera was crappy and what would be the sense in getting that in today's world?

So now, it's hard to have any excuses in purchasing the latest release, it's the fifth generation, the camera is already 5 megapixels, the Siri is there and it's not a phone but you can now call and send messages to other Apple devices. Also, my iPod has gotten some dead pixels from my little baby having a blast throwing it with his full powers at our thankfully non-concrete floor.

Stars, I hear you.

Picture from the product website.

Haul: Ipanema and Rider flip flops

We thankfully caught the latest Great Brazilian Madness at the Trinoma Activity Center before the end of last month and were able to get some new kicks for everyone. Baby's got a cute Rider glow-in-the-dark one that fits perfectly. So adorable.

I'm happy with the black Ipanema's. They're squishily comfortable and I love the twin bands and the leaf designs that would most likely fade when I start to overuse them as much as I do my old Riders.

The tag is most likely going to fall out one day but then, it's the quality that counts, not the brand name.

The orange pair, though designed as sweet, is not as squishy and I'm thinking over whether I should give them to someone else this Christmas season. But it's perfect for the beach with the darling starfish.

I didn't bother taking a picture of the hubby's pair. They're not cute but has been professed as squishily comfortable as well, though manfully designed.

I'm guessing that October is not the last month I'll be seeing the Brazilian brands Ipanema, Rider and Grendha on sale. I saw it last weekend and I saw it earlier today on a different sale event. With Christmas coming, I'm guessing I'm going to see them again and hopefully, those who are thinking over getting a pair will see them too.

Craves: Anthology Piccadilly Blue

I was really happy when I found this Piccadilly pair on sale. It's so silly, with the dots and the ribbons and the mismatch that really isn't. It reminds me of times when one puts on a pair of shoes and they're the same color that you don't notice it's not the same pair. Not that that happens to me... Haha!!!

I put an order online last week and hope that before the weekend comes, I get them on my feet. Oh October shoes.

Picture from the product website.
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