Friday, October 19, 2012

Haul: Human Nature

At our last grocery stop, I’ve decided to try some more Human Nature products. I got the Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in Lush Vanilla, a toner and a feminine wash. There were some other stuff I wanted to try from them but I was sneaking them past my hubby into the cart so I didn’t bother getting a ton. Also, it’s available online so I could order there.

I’ve been using their shampoo for a while and I didn’t bother to get a bigger bottle because the small ones suit me just fine. When shampooing normally, you only need to wash the scalp area really, because that’s where the oil and dirt gets trapped and the ends are too dry to strip of their remaining oils. I can’t smell right now because of a cold so I have to trust in hubby’s olfactory nerves that the Lush Vanilla smells delicious.

The conditioner, I decided on getting in the big bottle because I have no compunction in slicking it in and all over the strands. I like that the dispenser isn’t one of those things you have to screw up and then end up making a ton of mess because you have to push it all the way down after and getting way more than you wanted to in the first place. But on the con, you’re gonna have to pump a whole lot to get the amount you want.

I don’t ask for much from my shampoo other than not having any SLS. As for conditioner, I used to subscribe to the thought that silicones are key but with most of my hair not having gone through a lot of processing lately, I’ve realized that nourishing it to make it softer is better than coating it with something slippery to make it smoother. The long-term benefit is always more important than the short-term one.

As for the toner, I got the one for sensitive and normal skin. I used to use products for oily and combination skin but as I use plant oils as moisturizer instead of lotions nowadays, the sebum on my face has normalized and do not overproduce anymore so I can get away with the mid-range products these days. However, even without being oily, I still get my break-outs and I’ve decided to try toners to prevent them.

I wanted to try a different product but I figured I’d try this one first so as to know if I might be too sensitive. So far, I’ve felt a little sting but I can’t judge it as of yet because I’ve only used it for today. I’ll write a proper review once I finish off the bottle.

For the feminine wash, I don't have much to say other than that it’s very cooling. The bottle is very small but one is instructed to use a pea-sized amount that will probably last a while. I’m satisfied so far.

Human Nature is really surprising and I can’t help but feel a little stupid for not having tried them earlier. The prices may be a little higher than my old brands and they may not seem like much at first but continued use makes me a believer.

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