Sunday, October 7, 2012

Looked Up: VMV Hypoallergenics Make-Up sale

The lipstick and the gloss is on sale if you buy one of each at their specialty boutiques and at the Landmark.

I have never regretted buying their products and their 50% off sales are the best. Also, I still don't have the perfect lipstick shade and I'm going to search high and low to get the absolute most perfect one ever.

The eyeshadow, powder and blush are on sale too, at 40% off. The packaging is great, I can't deny and the hypoallergenic numbers are so good but should I get one of each?

The ingredients are the tops (from the product website) :
Green tea and rice phytic acid for antioxidant benefits.

Virgin coconut oil for intensive moisturization.
Monolaurin for skin-safe disinfection.
Titanium dioxide + iron oxide pigments for added sun protection.

But should I get them now or should I wait a little more for their Christmas packages? I know those ones will be great too. I have till the end of the month to decide.

Pictures from the product website.

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