Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover

I'm on the fence regarding Majolica Majorca's Pressed Pore Cover. On one side, it's a very pretty compact to tote around. On another, I can't seem to make it work for me. Major confusion and a disaster.

As with most products I purchase, I got this on sale at about half-off. Or thereabouts. The SA was trying to convince me to get the skin remaker foundation instead of this one but I hung tough as I don't feel like using powder foundation nowadays, preferring BB creams, mousse and liquid foundation. I insisted on a translucent powder. This one fits the bill.

I've tried applying it using the included sponge but I've found it applies too thickly that way. I tried it with a brush but there's too many powder residue on the pan if I do that. It seems like I'm wasting too much of the product. Also, I'm trying to go for translucency but I seem to be getting even more coverage with this thing. It so confuses me.

So the best application for it is to use the sponge to pat it over my face and sweep a brush through the powdered areas to even out the application. I know I'm lazy but I'd rather go with either simply puff or brush and not have to do both, especially when it's the last step in my make-up process. I gotta hand it to the brand, though, if applied right, my skin looks smooth and perfectly made-up.

Sadly, my little one has taken a liking to pitching the compact around and the powder has crashed after the third time. I have to really admire the packaging as it took three different crashes before the product cracked. The compact did not suffer any hinge, lock or mirror injury in the said crashes. Also, putting back the pan into the compact made me appreciate how it's surrounded by a thick plastic lining that clicks into place.

I'm no longer able to tote this anymore and I have to think of where to put the cracked powder after. This gives me an opportunity, however, to try some other products to put into the perfectly serviceable compact. I could try the foundation from Majolica Majorca or even a Shiseido one. It's not truly a disaster. It's just an opportunity for change.

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