Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil

Ever since it came out, I’ve been thinking over getting the Mythic Oil from L’oreal Professional. I finally bit the bullet and got myself one from the nearby salon at the nearest mall.

First off, very pretty packaging and the price is comparable to US. There’s no need to buy internationally for this baby. Also, the oil used is avocado and grape seed oil, which is tops on my book. And the scent, is a very pretty one.

According to the packaging, I only needed one to two pumps. I’m probably fine with just one pump with my fine hair but I went and tried two anyway just for fun.

It was very slippery due to the silicones. I like that it didn’t make my hair feel droopy in spite of all the slip when I hand-combed it over dry hair. Said hair was all over the place before I tried the product on that particular day and I was happy that it tamed it a bit without losing bounce.

I tried it over wet hair the next day and blow-dried my hair with additional help with some heat protector. The slip made the blowdrying smoother and while it didn’t end up stick-straight, it helped settle my unruly hair for most of the day, with a bit of wave left here and there.

Earlier, I tried it with wet hair once again, letting it air dry and I’ve finally seen a bit of droop on my hair after a week's use, though I don’t feel it when I hand-comb through. I’m guessing the silicones have accumulated and I’m not too happy over that but I find it an acceptable consequence as my shampoo isn’t the stripping kind.

All in all, I’m actually happy over this buy and see myself using it everyday. It leaves my hair feeling soft and I'm all for self-satisfaction.

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