Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review: Ellana Make-up Primer

When I got myself the Ellana Liquid Primer, I had high hopes for the product but wary on another side. It was all due to the silicone, the main ingredient. 

This will do to you what you want it to. It will make foundation, either liquid or powder easier to apply and stay on longer. You might even look as close to flawless as you can possibly want. You’ll only need one pump to use on the whole face.

However, silicones scare the crap out of my skin because they absolutely break me out and this thing did. Beware, if silicones have done you harm before, it will haunt you if you try this product. If it’s proven to be friendly to your skin, please try it. Also, the price can’t be beat and the small bottle will last a while.

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