Monday, March 26, 2012

Love: By Nature Milkenhoney Soap

I know. The post is way too late considering how I've been a regular buyer of this soap for months. I've posted my hauls on this twice already and have stopped posting them as it seems so repetitive.

To start with, I didn't think much about this soap when I got it from Organic Joys at first. I simply wanted a good cold-processed soap that was good to use for breastfeeding women and this is one of the recommended soaps. Additionally, it was good for infants though not for newborns (less than a month), so I figured that if I ran out of baby's soap, I could use this one.

My initial impression of the soap is that it smelled very faintly of honey. I actually like that it's faint because I'm going on sensory overload with scents these days as I'm avoiding perfumes on everything (including lotion). It's not Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids (a favorite of mine before my pregnancy) but it's a genuine honey smell. The type that wafts out of a good bottle of organic honey when you open it.

On using it, I find it to be the creamiest of all By Nature soaps I've tried. It was creamier than the Dairy Bar. It was an instant favorite. It's so non-drying that I use it on my face, even.

It lasts quite some time. I cut my soap into quarters and a bar lasts more than a month at our home as long as I make sure to drain the water in a good soap dish after use. For the price, you can't beat that.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Looked Up: Anthowarehousesale

Remember these? It's driving me crazy because the ribbons can't be any cuter and it's currently on sale at 30% off but what drove me even crazier is another pair in a different color.

Is it the silver or is it the pink that's pulling me in. Argh!!! I'm going crazy. My husband absolutely won't understand if I buy both but I don't want only just one. I really really want both.

As for these boat shoes, I know I only want one. Actually, I'm not entirely sure if I want one or if I simply can't resist that it's on 50% off. I'm not exactly one for asexual dressing but the silver lace sure looks nice while I'm very sure that the orange suede is comfortable and a nice touch of color to anything.
So which of these? Any or all? If only I can be sure my size would still be available next month, then I'd wait a little more but the good ones go really fast. Argh!

Pictures from the

Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: Aussie3 Minute Miracle Sydney Smooth Deeeep Conditioner

I would love to stop using commercial conditioners on my hair but I’ve got my reasons not to do so. My hair is frizzy, wavy and damaged and our water is very hard. The best thing I could do to my hair is to chop a chunk of it off, filter the water and start using a more natural conditioner free of silicones but my husband will not talk to me for a month and I’m lazy. I also fear the possible build-up and smell. So I’m doing the relationship-safe and lazy thing and use commercial conditioners. I’m feeling a little defensive for no reason.

As previously mentioned, the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is the 2011 member choice in for deep conditioner. As I was running out of the old bottle, I grabbed a new one at the local grocery and didn’t even notice it was a totally different variant from the Moist. The Sydney Smooth wasn’t available the first time I perused the counters so it was a pleasant surprise in the shower when I squeezed the bottle and light peach came out instead of white. This was actually my first choice as based on reviews, more people prefer it.

I understand why more people prefer the Sydney Smooth to the Moist. It’s a floral milky scent that doesn’t overpower as much as the other variant does. The Moist was really thick out of the bottle while the Sydney Smooth wasn’t as much. It totally made my hair more manageable regardless. I’m not saying I have shampoo commercial hair now but it’s manageable hair for me when I run my hands through my hair after it air-dried and there are no tangles.

In a comparison of the two products, they work well for what they’re made for. The Moist is good for rehydrating hair and for a bit of damage repair while Sydney Smooth is great for smoothening down unmanageable hair. For the price, it’s great if you consider that it’s a deep conditioner and there’s a lot of product in the bottle compared to other deep conditioners at that price point.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love: Tangle Teezer

Because of post-pregnancy hormones, or maybe stress or varied other reasons, I've been shedding a lot of hair that they're pretty worried I'll go bald in a few more months around here. It's mostly hair from my usual paddle brush, so when I saw the tangle teezer in Mothercare, I decided to try it in spite of the steep price.

In spite of being bought at a baby store, it is touted as a professional detangling brush, much better than any and all detanglers in the market today. I'd understand why they would sell at a baby store, though. I remember just how hard it was for me as a kid to get my hair brushed after taking a bath, waking up because it's always been so tangled up. My mother and I used to fight about it even.

Having used it for a few days now, I'm definitely happy with how little hair I've lost to this thing. It's not as easy as brushing it through tangled hair and getting it all straightened out. You still have to work out a few more knots here and there but it has definitely cut down on brushing time by a lot and it's easier to pull through. The hair loss has drastically been cut down and it's also easier to clean as the brush tips are half as long as normal ones.

I wish I can bring this to work but unfortunately, it's not recommended to just slip it on your bag as the tips could bend easily that way. They have a compact brush for those moments but it's not available at the local Mothercare stores. They have the flowerpot but that's a little big and twice as expensive.

Review: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deeeep Coinditioner

I check out whenever I want to try out a new product because they have such a big listing of products. From their 2011 Beauty Awards, this is the member pick for deep conditioners, so when I saw it a few weeks ago at the local grocery store, I had to try it. Actually, I wanted to stock up on it but since I was shopping with hubby and he was paying, I tried for a little self-control.

The dispenser on this thing is totally cool. You don't have to twist or flip a cap off. You just squeeze what you need and it comes out and then it self-seals.

For conditioning, I like that it really does hydrate my hair though I don't feel a lot of damage repair. It's very thick and you don't have to use a lot to condition. It doesn't leave a lot of residue in spite of being thick. It smells really strong, though. Very milky coconut. Some people don't like the smell but thankfully, the guy I share a bed with do not have any complaints. Personally, as long as it doesn't leave a chemical scent, I'm ok with it. The price is good, considering that it is a deep conditioner and the volume is a lot for the bottle. I will be buying again

Last picture from the Aussie website.

Love: Outland Mary Janes

I’ve been obsessed with Outland shoes since I got pregnant last year but for the life of me, I always bring my husband along when I go shopping and he keeps shooting down my need to buy one of these. If you’ve never slipped on any of these babies, I highly recommend that you go to your nearest mall and try them. They are incredibly sweet to the feet that it’s not hard at all to fall in love.

I stalk them periodically. They are simply the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever worn. The upper and lining is leather and the soles are rubber. The midsole is just so soft, if you’ve been walking in a pair of stilettos for a whole day, slipping your feet into one will make you want to get all the pairs you can afford. They come in a variety of neutrals and I do mean variety. Have you ever seen a neutral pink and a neutral blue? So easy to pair these with clothes.

I was so happy when I found these pair. It’s from a very old season and is worth 20% of the usual price of the current styles. Because it’s old stock, the leather was harder than their newer styles and the soles weren't as soft but nonetheless, it was a pair of Outland Mary Janes and right in my favorite nude color.

After a few weeks, the leather has been broken in and have molded to my feet. My feet are never smelly in these, being leather lined and very skid-proof due to the rubber soles. The nude color needs some care in the handling and the cleaning but easy enough to clean. I have no complaints on these and would love to get more in the current styles.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review: CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor

As I'm trying to find a new job, I decided to try finding a long-lasting lipcolor because I tend to bite my lips a lot and so, lipsticks and glosses barely last an hour with me. That simply wouldn't do for the polished look.

I believe in checking out the internet for reviews before going out and buying make-up and with Good Housekeeping backing it up, I went and got myself a CG Outlast. I personally love some CoverGirl products, especially the Simply Ageless line, so I didn't hesitate in getting the lippie.

I like Coral but if there were any Coral Silk, I would have liked the shade better. Nevertheless, not a bad shade of Coral and very pigmented. As with all long-lasting lipstick, you apply it on and stop yourself from puckering for a minute or so and apply the topcoat after it's dry. I check by touching an edge and when it comes off clean, it's good to go. Although the tester in the store smelled yucky (I dabbed it on the back of my hand), the actual product thankfully didn't.

Sad to say but it didn't last me the full 16 hours. I was worrying how to get rid of it as it absolutely didn't budge the first hour and I was out of make-up remover at home but it crumpled after about 3 hours. I was pressing my lips and it felt grainy after applying the topcoat. I guess it's because I like oily food. I can still use it for job-hunting, though. I doubt I need lipstick to last 3 hours in a job interview anyway.

I'm not giving up on CG. I think I'd like to try the Smoothwear version. I like my lippies moisturizing and a little bit sheer and it promises to be so and if it lasts me 3 hours as well of the promised 8 hours, it will be well worth it for me. As for actual longevity, I'm setting my eyes on Smashbox and MAC. After all, the rule in lippies is never to go cheap to get the best.
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