Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love: Tangle Teezer

Because of post-pregnancy hormones, or maybe stress or varied other reasons, I've been shedding a lot of hair that they're pretty worried I'll go bald in a few more months around here. It's mostly hair from my usual paddle brush, so when I saw the tangle teezer in Mothercare, I decided to try it in spite of the steep price.

In spite of being bought at a baby store, it is touted as a professional detangling brush, much better than any and all detanglers in the market today. I'd understand why they would sell at a baby store, though. I remember just how hard it was for me as a kid to get my hair brushed after taking a bath, waking up because it's always been so tangled up. My mother and I used to fight about it even.

Having used it for a few days now, I'm definitely happy with how little hair I've lost to this thing. It's not as easy as brushing it through tangled hair and getting it all straightened out. You still have to work out a few more knots here and there but it has definitely cut down on brushing time by a lot and it's easier to pull through. The hair loss has drastically been cut down and it's also easier to clean as the brush tips are half as long as normal ones.

I wish I can bring this to work but unfortunately, it's not recommended to just slip it on your bag as the tips could bend easily that way. They have a compact brush for those moments but it's not available at the local Mothercare stores. They have the flowerpot but that's a little big and twice as expensive.

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