Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love: Outland Mary Janes

I’ve been obsessed with Outland shoes since I got pregnant last year but for the life of me, I always bring my husband along when I go shopping and he keeps shooting down my need to buy one of these. If you’ve never slipped on any of these babies, I highly recommend that you go to your nearest mall and try them. They are incredibly sweet to the feet that it’s not hard at all to fall in love.

I stalk them periodically. They are simply the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever worn. The upper and lining is leather and the soles are rubber. The midsole is just so soft, if you’ve been walking in a pair of stilettos for a whole day, slipping your feet into one will make you want to get all the pairs you can afford. They come in a variety of neutrals and I do mean variety. Have you ever seen a neutral pink and a neutral blue? So easy to pair these with clothes.

I was so happy when I found these pair. It’s from a very old season and is worth 20% of the usual price of the current styles. Because it’s old stock, the leather was harder than their newer styles and the soles weren't as soft but nonetheless, it was a pair of Outland Mary Janes and right in my favorite nude color.

After a few weeks, the leather has been broken in and have molded to my feet. My feet are never smelly in these, being leather lined and very skid-proof due to the rubber soles. The nude color needs some care in the handling and the cleaning but easy enough to clean. I have no complaints on these and would love to get more in the current styles.

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