Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: Aussie3 Minute Miracle Sydney Smooth Deeeep Conditioner

I would love to stop using commercial conditioners on my hair but I’ve got my reasons not to do so. My hair is frizzy, wavy and damaged and our water is very hard. The best thing I could do to my hair is to chop a chunk of it off, filter the water and start using a more natural conditioner free of silicones but my husband will not talk to me for a month and I’m lazy. I also fear the possible build-up and smell. So I’m doing the relationship-safe and lazy thing and use commercial conditioners. I’m feeling a little defensive for no reason.

As previously mentioned, the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is the 2011 member choice in for deep conditioner. As I was running out of the old bottle, I grabbed a new one at the local grocery and didn’t even notice it was a totally different variant from the Moist. The Sydney Smooth wasn’t available the first time I perused the counters so it was a pleasant surprise in the shower when I squeezed the bottle and light peach came out instead of white. This was actually my first choice as based on reviews, more people prefer it.

I understand why more people prefer the Sydney Smooth to the Moist. It’s a floral milky scent that doesn’t overpower as much as the other variant does. The Moist was really thick out of the bottle while the Sydney Smooth wasn’t as much. It totally made my hair more manageable regardless. I’m not saying I have shampoo commercial hair now but it’s manageable hair for me when I run my hands through my hair after it air-dried and there are no tangles.

In a comparison of the two products, they work well for what they’re made for. The Moist is good for rehydrating hair and for a bit of damage repair while Sydney Smooth is great for smoothening down unmanageable hair. For the price, it’s great if you consider that it’s a deep conditioner and there’s a lot of product in the bottle compared to other deep conditioners at that price point.

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