Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Looked Up: Anthowarehousesale

Remember these? It's driving me crazy because the ribbons can't be any cuter and it's currently on sale at 30% off but what drove me even crazier is another pair in a different color.

Is it the silver or is it the pink that's pulling me in. Argh!!! I'm going crazy. My husband absolutely won't understand if I buy both but I don't want only just one. I really really want both.

As for these boat shoes, I know I only want one. Actually, I'm not entirely sure if I want one or if I simply can't resist that it's on 50% off. I'm not exactly one for asexual dressing but the silver lace sure looks nice while I'm very sure that the orange suede is comfortable and a nice touch of color to anything.
So which of these? Any or all? If only I can be sure my size would still be available next month, then I'd wait a little more but the good ones go really fast. Argh!

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