Monday, December 5, 2011

Craves: Anthology Shoes

I dream of shoes or maybe I simply lull myself to sleep thinking about them that I've convinced myself I dream.

I was going obsessed with Kenneth Cole earlier this year. Kind of like my obsession with Hush Puppies once upon a time before the rats got to my latest pair and then I simply wanted to scream. A few days ago, my obsession turned to a local brand, Anthology.

It was simple enough. I was reading karotitay and then forgot all about it. And then I looked at my 2 pairs of heels last week and realized that I needed to buy another pair, just so I won't stink up the place. Ok, I had some extra money and figured, shoes shoes shoes. It is time. You probably don't get my drift but my mind works like that. Crazy bugs.

I checked out the blog again and found that they carry really comfy shoes, which, actually is the one thing I want in any pair I would ever own. I gave in and ordered a Seoul. 5 inches and still comfy. Brown please in size 5. No word on when I'll get it as it's still in production but I'm already loving it as I stare at it at my lovely screen.

The Madrid is on sale at 50% off. The Silver Gray pair is calling to me. So much that I ordered it 5 minutes ago. No food for a while. Oh well. I'll eat my shoes. P1,747.50.

The Neon Classics is way too good a deal at 60% off. That's P718. I was eyeing the green but asked my seatmate about it and she convinced me the pink is the best-looking of the lot. I guess a girl deserves a pair of Barbie shoes at least once in her life. But truthfully, all the colors look really good. Green, orange and yellow are not bad at all. But we can only have one. Hopefully, I'll get it at the gift exchange at work.

I'll get a pair of NYCs next month. I don't care what my hubby will say. I deserve some leather in my life. I'm not obsessed with bags so shoes will have to do. Black this time. P3,795.

The red Geneva's main call to me is the color. Patent red leather. So very clickity. I want. Next next month? P3,995.

And the last pair? The Tokyo. Beige. That ribbon just screams to me, You deserve to have me in your life. P4,395.

Too much? Or I'm just too cheap? I deserve it, right?

All pictures from the product website.

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