Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Craves: Zara Leather Bags

Unlike my love affair with shoes, I am not as enamored with bags. I'm ok with having only one bag all throughout a year. Unfortunately, I am not the type to buy expensive so a bag lasts me approximately half a year. Case in point, my husband gave me a bag for my birthday and it is now unraveling as I use every day without fail.

As I am currently on the lookout for a good bag that could fit all of my necessities, I've started to fall in love with Zara as they have genuine leather bags. Leather lasts me years and years as I used to wear leather shoes that were bought in grade school and lasted me till college. PETA can say wearing animals suck but I eat beef so there.

Below are my current mild obsessions. They're all simple and functional and maybe even asexual and most important for me, genuine leather.

 Square Suede Handbag, P5,990
Large Motera Bag, P6,590

 Messenger Bag with Double Buckle, P5,990

Leather Messenger Bag, P2,990

All pictures are from the product website.

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