Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Craves: VMV Holiday Gift Sets

We swear by VMV at home. We really really love it. One of the little known thing about VMV is that it is a local product. By the price point and packaging, you wouldn't be able to guess it but once you're more familiar with the product, you'll find that it's one of those things that make one proud of the products produced locally because it's really really good. It's being exported worldwide and are available online with global shipping.

I found out about the product back when I was reviewing. As everyone knows, people doing the review generally have no sleep the nearer the time for the exam is. One of girls from the other room, though, actually looked quite flawless in spite of the near sleepless state. I asked her about it and she mentioned that the concealer she uses is VMV.

One time, I was passing through their booth and one of the gift sets caught my eye. I got hooked into buying it with one other and that's how the love affair started. I swear by these and their facials too. If I were having a particular stressful time, I would get a facial and my face would be glowing and clear for a whole month.

Christmas is a season that I look forward to their sets. The savings are totally worth it and the packaging is just so adorable. Below are my picks and yes, that's actually most of them. No price though as that tempts me too much.

Are You Glistening

This set has an oil, a moisturizer and a lip balm. Coconut oil is the best thing ever, as far as I'm concerned. The moisturizer has SPF and the lip balm does too. This, I want lots. There can never be enough moisturizer, I believe.

Creams de le Creme

I love moisturizers. Love them lots. And yes, I want this set a whole lot. It's got anti-aging, whitening and one super-hypoallergenic. If I weren't breastfeeding, I'd have snatched this thing already, but the anti-aging and whitening ones are no-nos for now.

Holiday on Eyes

I totally love the VMV mascara. It's made in Korea and is one of those tube ones. So easy to apply and pile on, lasts all day without flaking and hypoallergenic too. As for the anti-aging eye cream, I've been dying to try this but alas, not for now. Someday.

Merry Goin' Round

I swear by the powers of Armada. I used to use it without moisturizers and it has totally made a convert of certain people I know on the powers of sunscreens in preserving the skin. The lip gloss, again, with SPF.


Lipstick and lipgloss. They've got tons of wearable colors, really. But then, don't listen to me. I used to buy 3 lip stains in one month. Moisturizing, of course.

My VMVery Favorite Things

Love all of these except for the shampoo. It's got a sulfate.

Pictures from the product website.

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