Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Motherlove Green Salve

I won this from a Chronicles of a Nursing Mom giveaway. I never would have bought it otherwise. It’s a bit more expensive as compared to the other salves I use though not as expensive as the first one I ever used.

I like this salve because it works. My little boy suddenly got this little blister under one arm a few days ago. He gets this every now and then. I used the green salve on him and it disappeared within the day with no trace of the blister. I also used it on some scrapes he made with his long nails on his face. Same results of no trace. Lastly, when my hubby cleaned his neck and the cleaning was a little too much, he calmed down after we put the salve on the area and when he woke up, the irritation has calmed down. The salve works.

I also like it because according to the website’s product information, “It has zero toxins based on the EWG’s skin deep database and is made with 100% certified organic ingredients.” This is made in the US so they have really strict standards when it comes to certifying organic products, so I believe it when they say it. The list of ingredients is very short, which is always a good thing. Ingredient list starts with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). I like EVOO because it does a lot of good things to the skin, being a great moisturizer and healer. I’d wax poetic on all the other ingredients but that just isn’t my shtick. You can check out the website page of the product for more information on them.

I’m indifferent over the price. I understand why it’s pricey as it is imported. Taxes and custom fees being all that, the price actually isn’t bad at all, considering how the product works and the ingredients are obviously well thought of. Please do note that non-toxic and organic is not the same as hypoallergenic so please always check the label. My baby did not develop any allergies during the course of time that we used the product but that’s just us.

With all the good things I've said about this product, I would still hesitate to purchase it. I like buying local and there are a lot of local baby salves available in the market that are also cheaper, due to being locally-made. These salves work just as well for us so I’m using the green salve as I have it, it works and I like using organic. Given a choice though, I would still buy local.

Picture from the official product website.

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