Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Craves: iPhone 4S

I was very much prepared to ignore the release of the new iPhone as really, I've never been into buying phones in that price range. Also, I'm not exactly a fan of Globe due to certain events that I will refrain from sharing. That is, until I learned about Vangie, from the chuvaness.

I'm not exactly off my rockets enough to think that the app is true but it sure opened my eyes to the functions of the iPhone that makes me want to get one. Siri is such a great app. I want one. Add the 8MP cam and the 1080 HD video capability and I am sold. I don't care if it's a phone. I'd like to use it without the phone function. FaceTime and iMessage over wifi works as good as video calls and text messages without paying extra for the service, right?

As I'm allergic to Globe, I prefer using Smart prepaid. The iPhone 4S is available for P33,200 for the 16GB model.

By the way, Vangie has a facebook page.

Initial picture from the Apple website.

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