Monday, December 26, 2011

Love: Anthology Seoul

I finally got my Seouls yesterday after a few weeks of agonizing. I was going to get a beige but then I realized it was actually a brown and I figured I probably should invest in a pair of blacks as I already have a pair of brown wedge-heeled shoes that I adore.

I consider myself a size 5 but after the pinch with their Neon Classics, I opted to get the Seouls in a bigger size when I ordered online. You actually can't order directly through the website but I emailed them to inquire on the availability of the sizes in the stores and was informed that it was okay to simply send a mail to order. Delivery was free.
Once I emailed a copy of the payment slip, I was informed the next day that the courier would be picking up. It took 2 working days after courier pick-up to get the shoes but it was fine with me as I knew that said courier service has been very busy with the Christmas season. 2 working days is actually not a bad thing.

In all fairness, when I slipped my feet into these, they sighed. It was a very soft and comfortable fit. Imagine wearing 5 inches and yet still very much comfortable in spite of doing so. That wasn't something I ever experienced before. Also, it was very obvious that the materials used are first class. The outer suede and inner lining were genuine leather and the suede was actually made of very thick leather. How could I tell? The strap made of the suede was so thick I could hardly fit it inside the buckle at first. The soles were rubber, making it easy not to slip.

The black suede looked divine on my skin. I totally could rock using the shoes with both formal and casual styles. The strap was loosely fitted into the loop at the back and for someone careless like me, this might be bad as I might lose the strap on one of my bad days but this is also a good thing as you can buckle the straps at whichever side you are most comfortable. You can also remove the strap altogether if you're more comfortable with that, although for someone like me who can be quite clumsy, I might end up losing a shoe, a la Cinder girl.

I tried them on today and found them comfortable at the first hour but the straps kept digging into my skin. I might need to strap them a little looser. Of course, not having used such high shoes before, I found myself losing the battle at the second hour and almost giving up on the third. I really need to practice if I want to wear these consistently. Also, I almost got a little blister on the sides as I have wide feet. I may have to wear these with socks or something.

I'm not regretting this purchase. I like the materials. I like the initial fit. I'm hating them after about 3 hours but I was walking the whole time. I have plans for these babies so I could work on the fit. Also, they look oh-so-good on my feet so no regrets at all.

Update: 2/6/2011

On the second time I wore these with socks, they were so comfortable I fell in love. Yes, friends, I declare this is love. I tried them without socks a few times now and the chafing has gone. I wore it here.

Pictures from the product website.

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