Friday, December 23, 2011

Craves: Anthology Banana Flats

Whenever I'm going through a shoe obsession, I'm always stalking. I used to go through SM everyday just staring at their Outlook collection of Mary Janes. I actually do want to go to the mall everyday now just so I can do that to the Anthos in The Ramp but with the sheer number of people doing their Christmas shopping, it's not exactly the best of ideas.I try to sate my obsession by going to their website and just staring but the scrolling pictures made me salivate on some pairs I didn't even consider before.

I confess, I am currently going obsessed over their banana flats. These are the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever tried on. Yes, the main design is the same for all of the shoes offered but they all have distinct differences, aside from just color. Let me explain through below.


Brussels, Metallic, P3,195
This is the ideal pair of shoes for Christmas parties. It's shiny, glittery and yet not over the top. Just right, I say. After all, party all night entails you being on your foot all night.


Brussels, Onyx, P3,195
I love the straightforwardness of this pair. Black comfortable leather.

Cannes, Red, P3,295
This makes me want to go off and find the Wizard. The patent is so bright that it makes me possitively giddy

Cannes, Beige, P3,295
I love the look of nude shoes on my feet. It makes me feel really clean and light just wearing one.

Valencia, Blue, P3,195
I admit I'm not that imaginative when it comes to wearing clothes. When I'm wearing blue, I'd want to pair it with blue. This pair so resembles blue faded jeans that yes, I probably will want to wear it with jeans.

Sydney, Brown, P2,195
The color of this pair is just so comfortable. It's for lounging in a coffee shop or for going to a bookstore in search of one of those feel-good reads.

Cannes, Green, P3,295
I am not in love with this. I think I should get this pair, though. I have lots of green-colored clothes because it's a color that complements my skin tone so I should get a pair of shoes that's good with said clothes

All pictures from the product website.

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