Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: VMV Hypoallergenics Skin the Bluff N2

I wasn't able to take a picture when I bought it so the inked label on the cover has somewhat faded when I finally got to doing so. This is my choice for concealer from VMV whenever I have breakouts, which is most days for the past month.

I got the N2 from the SA's advise. I always consult them on first-time purchases like this. It is a peachy-colored concealer with a very creamy texture and smells slightly of raw potatoes. It's got organic VCO and monolaurin so I'm happy with what it can do for my skin.

I use a finger when using it over the undereye area. It's perfect for concealing dark circles as it's very creamy so it's very easy to blend in. It can crease on lines if too much of the product is used, though, so a light hand is key. For dark spots, I try to use a concealer brush so I can be exact on the spot I'm using it on as the color is pinker than my skintone and would become obvious if messed up. After spreading and dabbing, I blend it in using a bluffing brush and set it with a bit of powder.

As a concealer, it gives decent coverage. I've used better ones that lasts so much longer and conceal more but I can't get better skin-benefits from any other ones. I've been using it with some other VMV products and my skin has been improving so much faster than I usually expect it to so I'm thankful for this.

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