Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review: Nars Blush Desire/Amour

I've gotten a chance to get my grubby paws on some Nars products and I'm lucky to get one blush compact with two shades each. One is Desire, a hot pink shade and the other Amour, a matte coral (they call it peachy pink).

Of the two shades, I prefer using the Amour as coral looks the most natural on me when it comes to blush. Also, I was a little afraid of Desire. It was just so pink on the pan. I wondered if it'd look too Dresden doll on me. Trying both of them out, however, made me realize that one is as pigmented as the other.

If you don't get enough warning on the pigmentation, it's not hard at all to go overboard in applying these blush shades. There's a lot of pigments, even with just a light stroke of the brush on the pan. You don't layer with this. You just apply once and it's good. Lasting power is great as well. If you're careful, one compact can last quite a long time so the price is worth it.

This is not a full-sized product but there's a possibility this thing will last even longer than most of my other compacts. I'm happy with it. My complaint, the dreaded Nars packaging. It's matte black and it picks up everything.

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