Thursday, May 23, 2013

Looked Up: Za Cosmetics

I checked out the new counter in Landmark for ZA and pleasantly surprised at the prices. The fact that this is a Japanese brand that is under the Shiseido group makes the the price a total steal. Some of the stuff I'd like to get are the following.

 BB cream is an essential and UV is sweet sweet icing.

A good mist sets make-up and refreshes. 

Though I have a perfectly good brow liner pot at home, it doesn't hurt to get a pen-type one to tote around for emergencies.

A good mascara with promises of volume and length cannot be beat. I'm pinning a lot of hope on this thing.

I'm definitely into liquid liner these days and happy with the pot at home, in spite of my very shaky hands. As with the brow liner, a pen type one doesn't hurt to add to the kikay kit I lug around all the time.

I'm in search of the perfect finishing powder to include in my kikay kit. The fact that it's a total beaut isn't a bad thing.

 My concealer is almost out. This one is a good candidate for a replacement.

 Foundation compacts sure are so much wider than they used to be but they sure are getting prettier.

Gloss is pretty and from my experience of the sister lines, this one has promise.

Sometimes, I wonder if I choose my lipstick because of the packaging. Surely it's no coincidence that they're all silver bullets.
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