Saturday, June 29, 2013

Crave: Kenzo Flower Tag

I have always wanted to buy the Kenzo Flower because of the beautiful bottle but I just didn't feel that the scent actually suits me. They have released quite e a few versions over the years but they have not stirred me until now.

When I tried the scent of the Kenzo Flower Tag earlier, I wasn't expecting much but I actually quite liked it. They sprayed it over a piece of paper and I put it inside my pocket. As I tend to put my hands inside my pocket every now and then, the scent has transferred a bit and I'm pleasantly surprised to say that I'm liking it even more. It has grown on me and I'm also liking that the there is still a faint scent left even after more than a few hours already.

The scent is a bit floral with a hint of tea. It's a lot more Oriental than the original and I want it.

Picture from the product website.

Share: Cookies and Cream Pudding

I was surfing food blogs when I saw a version of ref cake with Oreos instead of fruits. It was quite easy to follow so I tried it at home and my little baby loved it a lot.

It was quite easy to make, lining the Oreos under a mixture of cream and condensed milk and putting as many layers as you prefer but my one fail regarding the recipe was that the Oreos stayed hard, no matter how long I left it at the fridge. It wasn't too hard but it sure failed as a cake. Also, the top Oreo layer floated up, no matter how deep I buried it under the cream.

So to improve over that version, I made it into a pudding instead. To do so, I used a box of cream, half a box of condensed milk and a pack of Oreos and some thin chocolate to decorate the top layer.

It's so easy to make. I whipped the cream and milk together and crushed the cookies. I then swirled it together and flattened the top. I refrigerated it overnight and it's set. For extra effort, you can add chocolate shavings on top. Yum.

Review: Marionnaud Retractable Brush

I wanted an all-around brush for the make-up kit I tote around because I didn’t want to bring my whole brush set nor did I want to plunk in a single brush in the bag with no protection whatsoever. A retractable brush seems like the best idea so far. I went with Marionnaud as a starter.

So far, there have been ups and downs. It turned out to be a stiffer brush than I thought it would be. The hairs are just so darned thick. I didn’t like swirling it over my face because of the rough feeling nor did I like how it picked up powder as it pokes way too much product out.

On another side, it’s a great blending brush. If I let it out a half-inch, it’s great for blending liquid foundation in. I put the foundation on the back of my hand, dab the brush and apply it over my face in very light feathery strokes. A quarter-inch and it’s great for concealer blending.

This brush has made it so much easier to fake the semi-perfect complexion, being so flexible in its uses. If only it didn’t feel so rough, then I’d be a happy monkey. Maybe I should plunk money for their premium line instead.

Sorry over the white cast as the brush was used before I took pictures.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Love: The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Blusher Brush

I'm one of those people who look way too pale without blush so a good blush brush is ideal.

I was really happy to find this particular brush on sale. It's a kabuki version of a blush brush. It's very soft, round and made of synthetic materials. It's smaller than most blush brushes but good for small hands.

This brush is meant to be used with loose mineral blush but I like using it for small blush compacts. It picks up pigment well and applies them without streaks. It's my ideal blush brush.

I like to use an oil cleanser in washing this. There wasn't a lot of fall-out after.

I store this in my make-up bag inside the packet. The packet itself picks up a lot of dirt and lint, though but it protects the brush well enough. All-in-all, it's a great buy.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: Human Nature 100% Natural Smoothing Hair Serum

When it comes to hair serum, most of the stuff around is made up of silicones and even more silicones. Though I’m not necessarily against silicones for hair care, it’s one of the proven ingredients that break me out so bad. When Human Nature went and developed their all-natural serum with no silicones and mostly plant oils, I honestly did a giddy little dance.

Another thing that made me happy was that it was available at our local grocery store so there’s no need to order online or anything. As soon as I saw it, I swooped it up with no second thoughts. 

It’s a very economical buy, though you wouldn’t think so at first use because if you’re used to other hair serum, there might be a tendency to overapply. When the instruction says one pump or less, it really means it. They could possibly sell this in a smaller bottle and I wouldn’t complain because it’s going to last a long time. 

There’s a tendency to get greasy if you use too much. It actually feels dry on my hands but greasy hair is weighed down hair. The type that looks wet even when it’s already dried down. When you get the right amount in, it’s good. I can’t say my hair is fluffier, softer and all around manageable with just this but I’m good with it and I’ll repurchase once I run out as there's a long-term benefit with continued use.

Plant oils rule.

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