Monday, February 6, 2012

Ilog Maria Propolis Cider Liniment and Propolis Throat Spray

I’d like to take time to post something my mother and my husband loves.

I bought the liniment as my mother has the worst arthritis. Through all the aches and pains, I figured getting something for it was the least I could do. My mother swears by the liniment and she puts it on her knees every night, wrapping it with some bandage afterwards. I had the chance to try it when my hubby asked to be massaged and it really does get deep into the skin. You wouldn’t feel it at first but the feeling develops after a while. When I ran water over my hands to get rid of smell afterwards, it was icy. Please be warned that it is quite deeply scented with camphor and menthol and will overwhelm any room and the room next to it when applied.

We’ve been quite through a lot with the throat spray. My husband hated it at first because it tasted funky but he gets mouth sores a lot. It works so well for them. Just a spray and the sores heal amazingly fast right after. His schedule shifts a lot and most of his workmates get the cold and he says he’s not afraid to catch any because of the throat spray. It’s also good for mouth odours. We love it so much we’ve stocked up. We love it so much I’m not sure our stock is going to last. Thank goodness Ilog Maria is easy to order from.

 Pictures from the product website.

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