Sunday, February 5, 2012

Share: Failed outfit shot black and white

I wanted to share my outfit but I failed because I had a crappy camera phone, shaky hands, and no timer and tripod. Yes, someone else tried to take a picture of the entire outfit but it was an even bigger failure so I didn't post that.

My mother wanted me to wear this necklace but I hate the feeling of necklaces so I just wrapped it around my wrist to compromise. It turned out pretty well.

My Anthology Seouls. I did a review of these a while back. I take it back. I love them lots now. They're 5 inches but I don't feel that at all even after a whole day. I read somewhere that Anthology shoes don't make your feet smell. I can vouch for that. I have feet that sweat a lot but with these babies, they don't smell at all in these. It must be the leather lining. Karotitay is doing an Anthology giveaway of any of the available shoes. I highly recommend trying for one. Actually, I recommend buying one from their site. They deliver for free anywhere in the Philippines.

Isn't this pattern cute? I've had this dress since college. It's doesn't have a brand but I'm guessing Chinese. There's this darling black ribbon detail. Really, the shot is such a failure. Too bad, really. It would have been great. I need a camera.

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