Monday, February 6, 2012

Looked Up: Baby Carriers

I’m looking into getting another baby carrier now that the Safety 1st carrier will be retiring soon.

BabyBjorn Comfort Carrier, $199.95 (Available in for $144.77 for the black)

This carrier is designed for 3 months to 2 years. It is designed for comfort, with padded shoulder straps and waist belt, baby’s leg is in the recommended wide position and baby can be carried facing either inwards or backwards. Unfortunately, it is designed to be worn in European climes, not tropical countries like ours. I will not be buying this unless I win the lottery but I would dearly love to receive one as a gift.

This is my dream carrier, which might be weird for some people as it looks quite simple but that’s the beauty of the design for me. Simple is definitely best, I think. The design is based on Asian types of baby carriers used for a good long while, centuries even. I’m not sure as to ease of use. I’m guessing there’s a market in the Philippines for this type of baby carrier as there isn’t a local producer yet. This carrier is designed for comfort, with support in the proper places for both the carrier and the babies being carried. Also, it’s not too thick that baby will be too sweaty though that could depend on the body temperature of the person wearing baby. My body temperature runs a little colder than most people so it’s ok for me. I thought about buying this but it seems simple enough to sew one so I think I’ll try that for this month. J Actually, it’s more like finding a seamstress who’d sew it for me. I’m not that good at sewing. Lots of patterns can be found online like this. This is good for newborns to 35 lb babes.

Moby Wrap, $44.95

Though this carrier looks like it’s hard to wear, based on a lot of reviews, this is the most comfortable one. Please note that the Moby was designed for lighter climes than ours (tropical) so it might be hotter than you expected. It takes lots of practice but definitely worth it as there is the ultimate support for both wearers and babies and great contact too. There is a local producer of a similar one, the Bailey Wrap, which is made of a material much friendlier to our climes. Great for newborns to 3 years.

Saya, P988

I’ve posted on this carrier before. It’s also good for newborns up to 3 years though the Wrap carrier has more support. You can always buy the stabilizer belt if you want more support. The thing about this carrier is that it originated in the Philippines and looks very stylish. I posted their sling-type pic above because if you might notice, I like posting men wearing babes. It just seems right to me. I wanted to buy one and would have bought one already but one thing stops me. The size of the carrier you buy depends on the person who is going to be wearing it, not on the baby and there are 3 people who will be wearing baby in our house and it isn’t right in my book to buy 3 different ones. If mom and dad are of the same frame, though, no worries on that count there.

Except for the BabyBjorn, all other carriers posted above allows baby to be breastfed without being taken out of the carrier.

Pictures from the product websites.

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