Saturday, October 8, 2011

Craves: Saya Baby Carrier

I am in full crave mode for the Saya Baby Carrier. We have two carriers at home already but with me not going out without baby these days as I prefer breastfeeding him directly, I'm trying to find a carrier that is convenient, has great shoulder and back support and is easy to breastfeed in. Baby is already 5 kilos, by the way and he's just a month old. I can barely lift him without my wrists aching afterward.

The Saya is made in the Philippines and is worth P950. From all reviews I've read so far, it's a favorite of baby-wearing mommies and is comfortable for mommies and babies who are ok with swaddling. What I'm really excited about is that it looks easy to breastfeed baby in. I'm not sure as I have yet to try it but it looks like I can even switch breasts while baby is in the carrier. I want this carrier so much I'm almost convinced that I need it.

Haul: Ilog Maria

Above image is what's left of my second Ilog Maria haul. That's 3/4 of their Honey Glycerin Face Soap, whole Honey Propolis Feminine Wash, half of their Milk and Honey Soap, a whole bar of lavender soap, Propolis Throat Spray with a few squirts used and a month's supply of Royal Jelly. I forgot to add in the family size shampoo and lip balm.

Just to confess publicly, it took me over a week to pay for my order after getting a confirmation. It wasn't because I was out of money. The haul costs less than a thousand and considering how many products I got and how happy I am with them, I consider the price really good. My hubby just kept forgetting to pay for me though. I got really embarrassed over it but thankfully enough, Ilog Maria sent me my order promptly after confirming payment. I am a bad bad costumer.

To give a quick overview of the products, I'd have to say that the honey face soap smells weird and as expected of a glycerin soap, melts easily. I can't vouch for effectiveness yet as I have yet to finish off the quarter of a bar I'm using. The feminine wash smells delicious and also melts easily. It probably is delicious as the rats got to it one night. Thank goodness I like using my soaps by quarters so I still have some left. It leaves a minty feeling behind. The milk and honey soap is love. I use it as hand soap and it doesn't dry my hands no matter how often I wash and with taking care of the baby, I wash my hands lots without moisturizing with lotion or oil after. I also love the lavender soap and it leaves a really good smell but it's a little more drying but not by much. The throat spray tastes weird but is effective for bad mouth stuff. I have to remember to reorder 2 more of these. Warning on overuse though as I sprayed a little too much one night and woke up with a really sore throat. 2 sprays on a single day max. The royal jelly I bought for my mother and she says it tastes weird. No note on whether she's feeling a bit more spry.

On a note on the ones not in the picture, the shampoo, I still love lots and not regretting getting the family size at all. The reason for the second haul is actually because I ran out of their personal size shampoo and I wanted to repurchase. They also have a personal size lavender version which sounds promising. The lip balm, I also love but regretting buying as the old tub is not even a quarter used up. The thing about buying handmade and/or organic is you have to use it up within 6 months as they usually don't have preservatives. With how little I actually use per swipe, I'm not sure I'm going to finish off 2 tubs within said period.
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