Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crow: Motherlove

I won!!! Yay!!! I know, that makes no sense as a post.

If you might notice, I'm very much into By Nature and Ilog Maria products. I confess that it all started with this post from Chronicles of a Nursing Mom. I was pregnant then and considering buying one of the more expensive brands available at the major malls when I saw this post and never regretted trying out two of the salves she mentioned. Every now and then, I check out her blog and I've always found her posts helpful for a new mom like me.

Lately, she's been giving away stuff from her sponsors and I've entered the ones I've been able to catch. And so, with this one, I won!!! I'm very grateful not just to COANM but also to Hatch and Latch.

I love Baby Salves!!! I'll post on the salves in case another case of the rashes come our way. I have yet to dip at the moment though.

To the fates looking out for little ole me and throwing lots of luck my way, I'd like the Sunday Wrap Dress as well from Hatch and Latch. I really believe I deserve a nursing dress for all the manual pumping I've been doing at work. But if I don't get one through luck, please please please just extend the sale so I can get one next month when I've got a little extra padding money.

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