Thursday, December 15, 2011

Review: Anthology Neon Classics

I got a pair of Neon Classics by Anthology last week in orange for Christmas. There is no denying just how neon it is. The main sentiment people has to them is that I won't get lost. I think it would be a good pair to wear when my little sweet child has grown up enough to walk on his own. He can always just look for the orange candy shoes if he suddenly finds out he has walked too far away.

I like them because they match my little darling boy's orange cloth diapers. The lining is leather and the soles are rubber. The soles are stitched and very well stitched at that. They are very comfortable on my feet when I slip them on but...

What I don't like about them is that they're not comfortable when I start walking. I confess, I am a size 5 wide and I got a pair in size 5. These pinch. I was hoping I'd fit into these ones but sometimes, hopes get dashed. I need a bigger pair but they're a gift and I've already walked a day in them so I can't return them. Anyone interested in buying these from me?

I'm not giving up on Anthology, though. I went to the Ramp Crossings the other day and found hope in the Events line. Feels like heaven. Santa, please, I want 10 pairs of shoes for Christmas.

Above picture is from the product website.

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