Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love: By Nature Sunblock Away

This is one of those products I share with my man. I bought this because I'm using a citrus soap for my stretch marks and if I don't load up on sunblock, I might end up with some weird skin disease and/or color. I'd hate that.
I'm an advocate of sunblock. Just ask me why I look like a teenager at my age and I'd say it's sunscreen, the sun being the biggest cause of skin aging. I've used sunscreen since college and I won't stop anytime soon.
Why By Nature? First off, I have a new baby boy and since I'm currently breastfeeding, I'd like to limit the products I use to more natural ones. Anything I put on me, goes to my body and gets fed to him. Anything I put on my skin, especially to my face, gets rubbed off on him. By Nature is one of those natural products and I love their line. They list their ingredients on the package and I like what I read.
I like the price of this thing. I'd understand if one is skeptical because it's in a small package, smaller than most sunscreen containers in the market. However, this is oil-based and not at all a thick cream like most sunscreens are. A little goes a long way, actually. You don't want to look like an oily white mess with this so a dot on the face and little bit more on other exposed portions of the body. My hubby likes to pile on his products but even he uses very little of this as he knows it's basically oil with UV protection.
The first ingredient is sesame oil. Great stuff, really. Full of vitamin E and antioxidants. Who wouldn't want that on their skin? Skip to the webpage and scroll to the product portion if you want to know more about the other stuff in it. Because of the oils, we've been skipping moisturizer. I haven't been using anything harsh on my skin lately and my soap has some moisturizing properties so I'm okay with or without. Hubby's skin, though could use some moisture and with this, has actually improved. He is now a believer of less ingredients being better.
The product is a physical sunscreen, being non-irritant to the skin. It contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. There have been health concerns on these two but what can I do? Chemical sunscreens could mess up my hormones too. I could skip sunscreen altogether but I'd rather not skip going out in sunshine and gosh, doesn't the sun just sting lots without any kind of sunscreen?
As to any skin reactions. We've had no negative ones and as mentioned above, hubby's skin has improved. He has reactions on most moisturizers he uses, breaking out frequently, including to the ones I've used on myself with no adverse reactions. Sunblock Away, as with all By Nature products have a short ingredient list and with less ingredients, less chemicals and less irritants are absorbed by the skin.
We really like this thing and we're sticking to it like a fly to poop. Oh love!

Picture from the product website.

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