Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Haul: By Nature

Once again, this post is late. So late that I could follow on with a review on all the products, which I won't. Yes, I am a bad blogger. But then, I'm no longer on maternity leave.

To sum up my hauls, the first haul made two weeks before the latest were soaps and Disinfect It! Spray.

From top left is Citrus White, which I hoped would erase the dark photosensitive marks on my body brought on by the pregnancy. It didn't work as of yet but I only used it for a week. I can only review on scent and it's non-drying properties. Efficacy will have to wait. To report, it is citrusy.

I liked Milkenhoney best out of all the soaps. I'll post some more love on it later. Scent is fresh honey from a jar.

Lavender Treat was somewhat of a disappointment for me. I expected it to smell like lavender, really but it smelled a whole lot like herbs to me. It wasn't sweet enough for the lavender lover in me.

Olive Beauty is the least scented out of all the soaps. I like it for my hair but we use it more on baby's skin. So far so good with my baby's super sensitive skin. One bar could last 6 months.

Dairy Bar is the creamiest soap out of the lot but please don't expect the scent of milk. It actually smelled herbal as well.

To sum up my soap-buying experience for By Nature, I like them a lot and they deliver as promised when it comes to the effect of the soap on the skin. Except for Citrus White. It will probably take the whole soap for me to be able to judge any effect at all. This is fair, I think. If a soap whitens you in the first week, it is stripping way too much of your skin layers. Much better to wait it out.

I didn't mention the last soap, Cocoa Butter Melt, because I didn't buy it for myself.

Additionally, I also got a bottle of Disinfect It Spray. It's a water-based disinfectant. I like it. It smells like band aid, weirdly enough, and I tote it around in my bag.

My next haul was a follow-up. I have bought the Baby Oilotion and Baby Salve before and the last haul had the Disinfect It Spray. The only new buy in the lot was the Sunblock Away. It's SPF 55. I figure that if I was going to use a whitening soap, I better load up on sun protection. It's working so far and I'm skipping the moisturizer as it's oil-based.

As usual, I got the lot through Pedala from Organic Joys. Aimee was so nice. She sent me the hauls once the order was confirmed before I even paid for them. So then I had to pay promptly.

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