Sunday, November 20, 2011

Haul: Ilog Maria

This post is late as late can be, just like the time I arrive at the office. The actual excitement of having the products have gone already. But nevertheless, I figured the blog deserves a post for this weekend.

The following was ordered and received quite promptly:

Feminine wash as I like the scent and it feels fresh *there*.

Propolis ointment for my sister. She's having her first baby and would like to try it. It works well but it has menthol which I'm avoiding.

Honey Face Scrub for the really irritating flares. This works but the condensation in the refrigerator has changed it. I'll post more on that later.

Milk Bath Salt in lavender for the annoying stretch marks. This smells divine, I could sing just smelling this on me.

Insect repellant for baby's playpen. I just get a smidgeon and rub it round and no insects for the night dares to go near.

Shampoo. I've posted lots on this already so moving on.

Liniment for my mother's leg pain. She says it works wonders but it sure does smell. Not a bad smell but we're trying to avoid menthol right now.

So there. I'll post on my By Nature haul next and then the next batch on that. Ok, I'll post reviews and other stuff as well. I'm a bad blogger. No wonder I don't get money out of this.

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