Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review: CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor

As I'm trying to find a new job, I decided to try finding a long-lasting lipcolor because I tend to bite my lips a lot and so, lipsticks and glosses barely last an hour with me. That simply wouldn't do for the polished look.

I believe in checking out the internet for reviews before going out and buying make-up and with Good Housekeeping backing it up, I went and got myself a CG Outlast. I personally love some CoverGirl products, especially the Simply Ageless line, so I didn't hesitate in getting the lippie.

I like Coral but if there were any Coral Silk, I would have liked the shade better. Nevertheless, not a bad shade of Coral and very pigmented. As with all long-lasting lipstick, you apply it on and stop yourself from puckering for a minute or so and apply the topcoat after it's dry. I check by touching an edge and when it comes off clean, it's good to go. Although the tester in the store smelled yucky (I dabbed it on the back of my hand), the actual product thankfully didn't.

Sad to say but it didn't last me the full 16 hours. I was worrying how to get rid of it as it absolutely didn't budge the first hour and I was out of make-up remover at home but it crumpled after about 3 hours. I was pressing my lips and it felt grainy after applying the topcoat. I guess it's because I like oily food. I can still use it for job-hunting, though. I doubt I need lipstick to last 3 hours in a job interview anyway.

I'm not giving up on CG. I think I'd like to try the Smoothwear version. I like my lippies moisturizing and a little bit sheer and it promises to be so and if it lasts me 3 hours as well of the promised 8 hours, it will be well worth it for me. As for actual longevity, I'm setting my eyes on Smashbox and MAC. After all, the rule in lippies is never to go cheap to get the best.

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