Monday, March 26, 2012

Love: By Nature Milkenhoney Soap

I know. The post is way too late considering how I've been a regular buyer of this soap for months. I've posted my hauls on this twice already and have stopped posting them as it seems so repetitive.

To start with, I didn't think much about this soap when I got it from Organic Joys at first. I simply wanted a good cold-processed soap that was good to use for breastfeeding women and this is one of the recommended soaps. Additionally, it was good for infants though not for newborns (less than a month), so I figured that if I ran out of baby's soap, I could use this one.

My initial impression of the soap is that it smelled very faintly of honey. I actually like that it's faint because I'm going on sensory overload with scents these days as I'm avoiding perfumes on everything (including lotion). It's not Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids (a favorite of mine before my pregnancy) but it's a genuine honey smell. The type that wafts out of a good bottle of organic honey when you open it.

On using it, I find it to be the creamiest of all By Nature soaps I've tried. It was creamier than the Dairy Bar. It was an instant favorite. It's so non-drying that I use it on my face, even.

It lasts quite some time. I cut my soap into quarters and a bar lasts more than a month at our home as long as I make sure to drain the water in a good soap dish after use. For the price, you can't beat that.

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