Friday, April 20, 2012

Love: Silvana's cupcakes

Cupcakes are adorable but it's sometimes hard to find one with just the right amount of moist and sweetness and when you add toppings into the equation, it's a whole other ballgame.

My personal favorites are the ones from Silvannas. I try to get to Glorietta at least once a month to get my fix. Sometimes I drag my husband to Shangri-la Plaza to get some. They're moist, a good mouthful and not too terribly sweet. The combination is a killer.

Their red velvet is definitely sinful. It only failed me once and it wasn't even much of a fail when the cream cheese swirly topping came off as a bit grainy. It was still good regardless, each bite a delight of cream cheese topping and ruby bottom.

Black bottom is my classic go-to. The little chocolate bit on top gets me every time. The two layers of cream cheese top and chocolate bottom have never failed me, always being the perfect treat after a good meal. Sweet, a little cheesy, moist and just right.

With these two as a treat, no bad day will stick.

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