Friday, April 20, 2012

Craves: So True

I like handmade soaps, especially cold-processed ones. At least they're out of the dreaded SLS. My FIL knows how to make them but I don't. I want to make them myself but with living in a one-bedroom apartment without good air circulation with a little baby doesn't make it a conducive environment for soap-making.

With that being the case, I make do by buying them. I'm really excited to try So True Castile Soap. My little boy has used castile soap from his first month so it's a definite for me to try their unscented one for the baby and the others below.

 Christmas Bar



 Lavender Oatmeal

 Lemongrass Lavender
 Cedarwood Lavender Cypress


Lavender Grapefruit

Aren't the patterns darling?

Pictures from the product facebook page.

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