Sunday, April 29, 2012

Haul: So True Castile Soap

I did mention I wanted to try So True because I like Castile soaps so I got myself 3 because it was the least number of orders for the minimum shipping cost. Inquiring and ordering was easy by directly mailing Mia, the owner, readily answered my questions and my order was speedily processed in spite of my being a crappy buyer. I'm thankful she accepts direct bank deposits with Unionbank.

I wanted to try them in three different varieties because it is the first time I'm trying out the brand but the Mandarin-Rosemary, the scent I was actually looking forward to was unavailable. On hindsight, it would have been better for me to get two of the unscented bars instead of two Lavender Oatmeal and one unscented. I may be in love with lavender but I'm not that much into oatmeal.

As of today, we're currently using the soap at home. My hubby didn't like that it didn't sud as much as our previous soap so he's making do in using a glycerin soap I have lying around. That wasn't much of an issue with me as I don't equate suds with clean. However, I find it a bit slimier than usual so I'm wondering about the glycerin levels. Glycerin is not a bad thing, I know, but it's still weird to handle.

On another thought, in spite of being slimy, it seems to stay harder than some handmade soaps I've tried but it might be the weather. We'll see.

I'll buy the soap again. Aside from wanting to try some of the other soap variants, I want to use the unscented bar for the liquid soap recipe I found in Pinterest. I'm not sure if I can find liquid glycerin around these parts, though.


  1. Hi, the slimy feeling when soaping up with Castile Soap is just normal. That really is the nature of soaps made from Olive Oil. Same thing goes with natural liquid soaps made from Olive Oil, and they don't bubble that much. This is speaking from my experience and on my recently tried liquid soap from Casa de Lorenzo. Here's their website:

    1. Thanks for sharing the website. I've been looking for some liquid Castile soap for some stuff I wanted to try. Also, I don't mind the slime so much and the not bubbling. I've learned to appreciate it lately, as it doesn't dry out the skin.


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