Friday, April 20, 2012

Craves: Posh Pocket Shoes and Ylla

I dearly wanted to buy a pair of shoes once a month this year but I skipped March because of certain reasons. So April becomes a two-pair month for me. I gotta keep up.

Initially, I was going to get an Anthology pair but I got sidetracked by two other local brands that have some great reviews in some sites I've been visiting so far. I probably should stock up on high heels but with being on night shift all the time, I figure I need some down time.

I initially was hesitant about getting Ylla shoes because, really, the product presentation online could use a bit of angleing but when I checked out their facebook page, the Primas definitely made me look again.

I'm guessing at one point in time, a girl dreams of being a ballerina, or at least to wear the tutu and the ballet slippers with the ribbons and all. I'm not going to try enrolling in ballet school any more and I don't think my current style would ever incorporate tutus, but the shoes have definite promise with the Ylla Primas.

It doesn't hurt that it's insole is leather-lined. From experience, this is the best when it comes to shoe comfort, letting the feet breathe and gradually comforming to your unique shoe shape with use.

As for the Posh Pocket Shoes, their Bridal collection calls to me. I guess it's the constant wanting for the perfect pair of ballet flats with grosgrain bows. Ever since I saw a hot pink pair from J Crew, I've been wanting one. It has become an obsession with me haunting Net-a-Porter and Outnet for the very latest of the same design. When I saw the Posh site and found one with the added twist of glitter detail, there was no going back. The fact that they're portable is overkill for me already.

It's so hard to decide on a color, though. Black is the easiest color to pair with any outfit but it's a little much to get both in the same color, not to mention, at the latest count, black has been outnumbering my other shoes by half. Nude is also a great color and I've learned that it's as easy to pair with outfits as black, being so neutral. Pink is a great pick, considering how the designs are definitely girly. And the other Posh ones in silver and white are pretty as well.

So hard. I want them all. Should I go and get them all? If they were on sale, I'd probably get all of them, every pair being such a pretty design, but with being a mom, I need some self-control. There's still a little time to decide, April not being over yet. I just have to make up my mind.

Pictures from the Posh Pocket Shoes and Ylla Shoes facebook pages.

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  1. They really do come out with adorable collections, don't they?


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